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5 Reasons That Could Affect The Size Of Your Baby Bump

As you all know, the first psychical indication of pregnancy is the bump on the tummy where little junior is resting. Funnily enough, this is when your tummy suddenly appears to be a “touch me” button. All your friends, family, colleagues crowd around you anxiously eager to feel the bump and feel the kick if lucky. Strangers too are intrigued by the bump where baby junior is asleep and hey! It's not a very bad way to meet new people!

If your bump is too tiny or too big! Don’t sweat it super-parents as nothing is wrong with your baby! The bump varies from woman to woman or even pregnancy to pregnancy! Here are the reasons that affect the size of the baby bump.

1.The number of pregnancies

Ok Parents! Read close! Don’t worry if the bump size varies from your friends, or maybe even from your previous delivery. Studies say that bump sizes vary due to many factors. First pregnancies usually have a smaller bump because the tummy muscles are tighter. The following pregnancies cause the tummy muscles to expand and hence, lose their elasticity.

2.The number of babies due!

When a woman has twins, naturally the room needs to be bigger so the babies can have plenty of room to grow and for nourishment inside. Studies say that women carrying multiple babies often tend to have bigger tummies. So for some people, don’t worry! Twins are on your way! You know what they say, two heads are better than one!

3. Fluid around your baby

For the baby to grow, it needs nourishment and exchange of unwanted waste in their bodies which are exchanged through blood. One must remember it's not just the baby in there but there is fluid in the uterus around junior protecting him! The fluid in the uterus can affect the bump size as well.

4. The position of the baby

Who knows if you’re giving birth to the next Micheal Jackson or Prabhu Deva or even Rukmini Devi Arundale! Jokes apart, the position of the baby can result in the size of the bump to change. You may observe that everytime your baby changes position, your bump tends to alter its shape.

5. Mommy’s Posture

A healthy super mom does basic breathing exercises and follows a healthy balanced diet for her baby to be strong and healthy. Exercise also gives you energy for a good and stern posture. Coming to the point, your posture can result in the bump to appear big or small depending on how you carry yourself and your little baby!

The baby bump is nothing to worry about! May it be big or small, size doesn't matter. It is just a sign that your baby is growing peacefully into a strong wonderful infant. Just focus on making the environment best for the baby to be born into and you’re good to go!

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