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5 Questions That Every First Time Parent Has- Now Answered

Parenting is the epitome of life. It is the time when the mother or father transfer their knowledge onto their child and thus are able to carry forward their own name long after they are gone. But, parenting itself is not that simple or easy. It takes a lot of effort and time in raising a child and yet a lot of times you just don’t have the answer to certain questions simply due to a lack of experience. But there are certain questions that come to your mind when your first baby is born. Though these are very common, you just don’t get their answer sometimes. Some of these questions that a lot of new parents have are as follows with their answers.

1. “Do I need to sterilize feeding bottles after every single use?”

Sterilising is generally recommended and preferred as it leads to the total elimination of any type of microbe present in or around the bottle. So, it is recommended that you sterilize your little one’s bottle as frequently as possible. But, since it might not exactly be feasible, you can wash the bottle with soap during the day and sterilize the bottle overnight. This will significantly reduce the chances of any bacteria growing in the bottle during the night.

2. “Is green poop normal?”

This is one of the most frequent questions as the colour of the excretion can sometimes both shock and amaze the mother. But let us tell you the green colour is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with your little bundle of joy. The variation in the colour generally occurs due to the breastmilk or formula milk. Sometimes, due to the hindmilk, the colour of the baby’s poop can turn greenish. Unless the poop is white, black or red, there is little to worry about your little one’s health.

3. “Is it possible that the baby can get confused about day and night?”

Yes, it is very much possible that your little one might actually end up getting confused about day and night. As a result, they might end up sleeping throughout the day and then stay awake the entire night. They are little innocent beings who still have a lot to learn. So, it is important that you help them understand this concept by taking them out in the daylight and playing with them in the day while trying to make them sleep at night. This will automatically help their body understand when to sleep and when to stay awake.

4. “Is it bad to wake a sleeping baby?”

The answer to this question depends on the reason due to which you are waking up the baby. Though sometimes it can actually be bad to wake the little one up as it might lead to them getting cranky and they might end up start crying. On the other hand, waking the little baby up can be somewhat necessary in order to feed him/her. So, the answer to this question will largely depend on the situation.

5. “Is it possible that I might be holding my baby too much?”

Evolutionarily, babies are meant to be held and that is why they are so cuddly and cute. Having your little baby with you throughout the day is not a bad thing and it is actually good that your little one is getting attached to you. However, during the night if you always rock your baby to sleep or keep holding them till they sleep then it might later become difficult for them to be able to sleep by themselves. So, hold your little one as much as you like but let them sleep on their own during the night.

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