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5 Qualities Of A Good Father And Husband

As parents, we are constantly trying to better ourselves to ensure that our kids lead a comfortable and happy life. Our kids will always look up to us for as long as we continue to inspire them and push them to be the best version of themselves. This starts as early as when they are toddlers and will go on until the day they become parents themselves. You yourself contact your parents whenever you need help/advice on something.

Being a cool parent isn’t too easy - sometimes being cool is just not the answer. We need to be stern with the kids sometimes when they need to be disciplined. But you can’t be mean to the kids all the time either. The key is to find a balance between being the cool parent and being stern when it is required to do so.

But parenting isn’t just a one-man job after all - it takes two to tango. This means that you and your partner have to work as a team when bringing up your child. Here are six qualities that every father must have in order to not only be a good father but also, a good husband.

1. Setting an example by being kind and patient

A good parent will set an example for their kids by being kind to the kids as well as their partner. If they drop the spoon for the 4th time while trying to eat on their own, don’t give up on them. Allow them to try it again. Help them only if they simply cannot eat and have been trying for few minutes. Give little words of encouragement when they do something good and reward them with a treat if say, for example, they helped to clean up a room.

2. Getting involved with the household work

In this era, where we are fighting for equal rights for women, it only makes sense to equally divide the workload. Women go to work and have the same number of working hours as men. So it only makes sense to divide the household chores between both of you since you are both equally tired. This way both parents would be doing the same amount of work. The children can learn from your example and know that there is no differentiating between who does what at home.

3. Appreciating and respecting each other

Whether your kid shows you the 1st picture they drew for the day or the 108th photo, you should react with the same enthusiasm and encouragement as you did for the first time. Similarly, you should encourage and support your wife whenever they need it - when she is pregnant or when she achieves something career-wise for example. Showing appreciation towards your kids and wife would make the bond much stronger and they would be more likely to turn to you for advice and support in the future.

4. Accepts that his kids may not be like him

You might have a few ideas as to what you want your son or daughter to become when they are older. But these thoughts can end up in pressuring your kids to be exactly what you want them to be. Every child is unique and you should allow them to discover their own talents and strengths.

5. Challenges the kids to be better

A good father will try and make their kids do tasks that challenge them and help them build skills in various areas. This may involve small tasks like taking a pet out for a walk and cleaning them up or, when they are older, helping to repair something around the house.

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