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5 Pregnancy Facts That Can Blow Your Mind

Recall the experience while you were on a Ferris wheel and your tummy tickled? The moment your heart raced while on a swing that soared high off the ground? That’s just how ‘pregnancy’ feels. You experience unbelievable changes in your body and encounter something new each day. Today we have gathered up five most fun facts about pregnancy that would require a tickling before believing. The insiders of pregnancy world are finally out here!

1. Mamma glow

Have you ever got jealous after seeing the endless glow on a pregnant woman’s face? Why can’t you have the same hundred watt glow? It’s because the amount of blood in a pregnant woman’s body increases by 50% which makes their skin glow like a diamond. The overactive oil glands transform a pregnant woman into a shining diva. And for all you know, you might even substitute the glow in the dark stickers. Now, that’s interesting.

2. You are Po the Panda’s long lost cousin

Oh yes! You will be, when pregnant. Your uterus will expand more than 500 times its normal size during the final month of pregnancy. You’ll become chubby and you’ll throw your clothes out of your wardrobe. Did I freak you out? Don’t worry! Baby fat does not stick. It’ll not stay forever, it's just chub. Remember, Beyonce wasn’t chiselled in a day, ladies, it takes time, takes effort, takes patience.

3. Your baby pees in the uterus

Though it may seem weird it’s true that your baby pees in the uterus. Then they drink it to pee and drink it again. Swallowing the amniotic fluid is what makes babies pee in the womb. Although it may sound gross, your baby will not have any harm by drinking his own pee. This phenomenon usually occurs after about 10 weeks of their development. By the time a baby is full-term, nearly 100% of the amniotic fluid that surrounds him is actually urine. It’s like the best-kept secret of your baby in the womb.

4. You can smell out everything around you

Do you know that your sense of smell will drastically increase during pregnancy? It is believed that it is to help pregnant moms avoid eating something toxic that can be dangerous both for the baby and the mom. As smoke, cigarette, and alcohol are all particularly noticeable to pregnant women, the natural shield of smell keeps them away from anything that’s not so good. So next time you want to run away by smelling something be sure that your automatic sensory guard is in full swing.

5. Your feet can grow up to one full shoe

If you're wondering why your feet are becoming flattered and have grown too much then it has to do with the with relaxed ligaments in your body paired with excess pressure on your feet. As you come nearer to the birthing process, your body starts to release the tightness of its ligaments making your feet lose their arch. The next morning you wake up and see your feet don’t get frightened. You don’t need to buy more shoes, as you deliver the baby they will attain their normal size.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! The butterflies you felt, are soon going to turn into heartbeats. You are going to be the best ‘baby’ oven ever!

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