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5 People You Will Start Hating After Giving Birth

Giving birth is always a life-changing experience. You go through so many things in so less time that you end up changing emotionally into this different person altogether. But, these changes tend to be even more drastic the moment your little one arrives. Sometimes, these changes become all the more difficult not because there is a new addition to your family but because of the different types of people, your little one is bound to attract. Out of all the people that come to visit you and your baby there will be a lot of them whom you will just love for the way they are around the baby. But then, there will be some unique cases that are bound to get on to your nerves.

1. Sick Inconsiderate People

These are probably the worst kind of people that will end up near your little one. Being sick is not a crime. Everyone gets sick now and then and it’s completely fine. But, you are bound to find some people who are sick and just inconsiderate. Everyone knows that a baby has a very weak immune system and even a little cough from an outside source can trigger a serious illness in them. Yet, these people just don’t care and apparently want to play with the baby no matter how much they are drooling.

2. The Service Guy Who Just Keeps Ringing The Doorbell

Babies have a very different sleep cycle than most grown-ups and they are very light sleepers too. As a result, it tends to be difficult to make them sleep and then just let them sleep for some time. But then, suddenly the doorbell rings and your baby moves a little. You are getting up when the second and third time the doorbell rings. By the time you reach the door, your baby is completely awake and crying at the top of his/her voice. You open the door and see that it’s the serviceman you called for your water purifier. The amount of hate you feel for that guy at that instant is only rivalled by the crying strength of your little one.

3. The Visitors Who Come Late

After days of being stuck indoors after delivery, you are finally happy that your friends have called up and have told you they will be there in 2 hours. After somehow making sure your little one is sleeping you get up and clean the house at top speed to make it look presentable. All this at the cost of the little sleep you had thought you will finally get. And then once the work gets done the waiting starts. An extra hour has passed and still no sign of them. Your anger is at its peak by the time your friends end up at your door. Thank god they got your favourite ice cream tub or else your hatred would have definitely taken the better of you.

4. The Uninvited Guests

Another type of people that tend to put you in a murderous mood are the guests who just end up at your door without so much as a phone call. And the worst thing happens when you see they are carrying luggage as if they are here for at least a week. You have just gotten out of the hospital and are trying to get into the role of a mom. On top of that, you end up having guests you will need to host. What more can life do to you?

5. The Sleeping Husband

Remember those vows you and your husband took during your marriage? Well, clearly he didn’t mean them quite that literally. You will realise it when late at night your baby starts crying right next to your hubby and he just doesn’t wake up. If anything he will probably end up waking you and telling you to take care of the baby. This is going to happen almost every day. That will be the time when you get pissed to the greatest levels at your hubby and just start hating him at times.  

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