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5 Natural Ways To Help You Recover From A Cesarean

It’s very rare that you hear people saying C-section is the easy way out and there’s good reason for it. Apart from the actual birthing part, what follows next is not that pleasant. It may take weeks or months to completely heal and recover from a Cesarean. Here are a few natural ways that will surely help you along this process.

1. Brilliant Broth

A Bone broth is super beneficial especially after going through an illness or a surgery. It is packed with amino acids like proline and glycine, which are great for skin and wound healing. It can be made by boiling chicken bones with vegetables, spices, and herbs. As a bonus, this broth also helps increase digestion and relieves constipation that comes after a Cesarean section.

2. Belly Balm

Since Cesarean is a done by making a scar on the stomach, it’s essential that you apply a balm that will soothe and speed up healing of this scar. Instead of going for the over-the-counter medicines, you can prepare an easy belly salve using coconut oil, shea butter, dried ginger root and a few drops of essential oils. It also helps in reducing stretch marks.

3. Massage

Once the wound is closed, doing a gentle scar massage will help soften the scar and bring back feeling on areas that are numb. But be careful to not apply too much pressure on it. You can even use the belly balm that is mentioned above to massage or you can use pure coconut oil.

4. Magnesium

Magnesium is used for many things in our body such as improving bone health, keeping the blood pressure normal and in aiding muscle strength. You can use magnesium in different formats such as topical supplements and oral supplements. But most importantly it will keep constipation at bay; constipation is generally very painful after a C-section. So having water and magnesium in abundance is known to help. But please do not consume any supplements without doctor’s recommendation.

5. Gentle C-section/Cesarean

Apart from the things you do after a Cesarean, there are certain circumstances during Cesarean that can influence how fast you heal or get back to your normal self. Gentle C-section is a less stressful way of delivering your baby where once the incision is made, the baby is not forced outside unlike an emergency C-section. 

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