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Everyone needs friends in their life. But, you get more responsibilities, you are not able to have the same type of friends you used to have earlier and you end getting a whole different set of people. Once a baby is born, the priorities of the mother change drastically and her entire world begins to revolve around her little one. As a result of that, even the friends that the mother makes are mostly moms themselves. And you end up becoming a part of this group of other moms. But, there are some things even you should know about the type of friends you have. So, we have made a list of 5 such friends that every mom needs.

1. The one “just like you” friend

This is one type of friend who is your partner in crime and is almost like your twin. You both have similar tastes, similar choices and you never get bored with each other's company. Well obviously, who gets bored while talking to themselves. All your methods of parenting are same and you just have this sixth sense connection to each other that you know what the other is thinking. This is the best type of friend you can have in your entire life.

2. The one “like whom you want to be” friend

Nobody is perfect and nobody is just the best the way they are. We all try to become better every day and thus we all need someone in our life who can be our role model. In friendships also a similar thing exists. We all have that one friend we want to be like. Be it the way they talk, their confidence or even the way they are holding their child. Always have a role model as your friend. That way you will be driven to become better and will make all the efforts possible to give the best to your little one.

3. The one “rule breaker” friend

A very intelligent person once said, “Rules are meant to be broken” and more often than not, this intelligent person has been correct. Besides, we all need one crazy friend who has done just a bit too much crazy in their life. Be it partying with the baby in tow or even peeing in the bushes when you need to. Having a friend like that helps give you perspective in life and also gives you some entertainment every now and then with all the crazy and funny stories. So, if you don’t have a crazy friend yet, then get one now.

4. The “baby’s best friend’s mom” friend

This is one friend that you will encounter once your little one grows up and after they become a bit more social. You will definitely make a friend out of your little one’s best friend’s mom. This will be the mom you will go to all your baby’s outings with and you both will also end up coming and going to each other’s house. The reason for this would be that since both your babies are best friends, you both will also have to be at least good friends.

5. The “without a child” friend

After your little one is born, your entire life will go on a different path altogether. All your free time will be spent in taking care of your little one or worrying about your little one. But no one wants to forget what they used to be like in the past. And by having this one friend who is still without a baby will help you keep in touch with the person you used to be. Besides, you can always have a cheat day or weekend where you can put your little one’s responsibility on your husband and go be the person you used to be. 

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