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Sometimes, it is quite difficult to hold back the waterworks in situations that are generally blue and gloomy. Miscarriage is one such time when a woman is unable to get over the feeling of loss. It’s difficult to accept the fact that the seed that was going to turn into a plant no more exists. Even if the miscarriage happens in the initial months you feel associated with your baby and you feel empty and lonely without him. Walking with an empty feeling when you should have held your baby really makes you feel drained with grief. Here are the most common reasons for a woman to experience a miscarriage.

1.Genetic Disorder

chromosomal abnormality such as Down syndrome and cystic fibrosis is one of the vital causes of a woman’s miscarriage. When this type of failure occurs in the early stage many women not even have an idea about their pregnancy. They simply feel that they had an extra menstrual cycle that month and they neglect the situation. But it’s always best to talk to a genetic counselor to figure out the likelihood of it happening again.

2.Consumption of illegal drugs


Many women unknowingly consume recreational drugs during pregnancy which increases the chances of miscarriage. These drugs are not able to cross into the fetal blood circulation which leads to miscarriage. Ensuring the safety of your baby while you’re pregnant should be your priority. So avoid taking any prescription medication unless it is prescribed by your Doctor.

3.Intentional Abortions

One of the most common reasons for miscarriage in future pregnancies can be if you had previous intentional abortions. Your cervix becomes incompetent once you start taking this intentional abortion remedies resulting in miscarriages. Your body goes through hormonal imbalance and the frequent hormonal disturbance results in miscarriages.


Aging is inevitable but women aged 35-45 years are more prone to the risk of miscarriage. Many women had happy delivery at this age but the fact is that the earlier you get ready to conceive happier is your pregnancy. Even Aishwarya Rai Bachchan got pregnant after 30’s but we all know about the complications she had to face.

5.Rh factor

If there is an incompatibility in mother’s blood and the blood of the unborn fetus then this is called as Rh factor incompatibility. This type of miscarriage usually happens when the fetus blood type is Rh positive and the mother’s blood type is Rh negative. When there is the difference in the Rh factor of the fetus and the mother’s blood, the body the mother is unable to recognize the fetus which leads to miscarriage. However, the improvement in healthcare technology can reduce the chances of miscarriage because of this issue.

Miscarriage can happen unexpectedly and without any notice. It can be hard to move ahead but laying back will not pay for the loss. You must talk to your gynecologist, follow his advice to reduce such mishappenings happen in future. These things happen you need to move ahead to sow the seed of a budding happy life once again.

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