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Pregnancy is a time when you need all the rest, care and the best of food. You are quite literally developing a whole new human being inside you and thus, it is only obvious that you get the maximum comfort, rest and care. But what to do and what not to do during pregnancy is not something you just learn overnight or know right from the day you are born. It takes experience, research and the people around you to help you through it. And so, it is obvious that you are prone to making some mistakes every now and then.

To help you not make certain seriously harmful mistakes we have made a list.

1. Self-medication

Under no circumstances whatsoever should you self-medicate especially when you are pregnant. There is a reason there are so many hospitals and doctors in the world. Take help from them and call your gynaecologist. But do not take a medicine on your own without consulting a medical professional. This is very dangerous and even a minor allergy or extra dose can severely affect that little life developing inside you.

2. Improper eating habits

What you eat and the way you eat it is going to affect your little one directly. They are completely depending on your eating habits in order to grow strong themselves. And if you end up having long gaps between meals then your baby will not get the appropriate nutrition they need. Besides, it will make you weak and your energy will drop down completely. So, it is important that you take care of your meals and have a balanced diet at regular intervals.

3. Improper water intake

Another mistake that moms often make is that they just don’t drink enough water. There is a reason water is known as the nectar of life. And in order to give your little one a proper supply of blood and nutrients, a good amount of water is needed in your system. Besides, water also acts a detoxifying agent and removes harmful substances from inside your body. So, drink appropriate amounts of water.

4. Passive smoking exposure

Yes, it’s true that smoking kills. But, when it comes to an unborn child, passive smoking can be just as deadly and hazardous. There are chances that your husband or someone else around you might be a smoker. It is important that you assertively tell them that they are not to smoke anywhere near you. Even when you are travelling and someone near you starts smoking then just politely tell them not to do that as it will harm your baby.

5. Continuously working without a break

We know that you are very busy and there are a lot of things that you need to do. But, this does not mean that you just end up working all day long without taking rest. In fact, you need to take rest every now and then during the entire day and hence it is important that you do just that. So, take care that you don’t end up working long hours without any rest or even a break. Yours and your baby’s health comes first. The work will be done somehow one way or the other.

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