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Recipe: Fried Rice In Five Minutes!

Today my little girl was more active than ever. So I didn't have time for my regular cooking. Finally i managed to make her sleep by 12:30. But by that time I was really hungry. I scanned through my refrigerator and found some left over rice. So i thought of making a quick fried rice for myself. Here are the steps that I followed.


Leftover rice

Frozen mixed veggies

An egg

Soya sauce (optional)

Cooking oil

Salt and pepper


Take some veggies and microwave it.

Keep a frying pan in high flame on stove. Pour some oil to it.

When oil is hot fry veggies for 1 min on high flame.

Reduce flame to the minimum. When pan temperature reduces, crack an egg into that.

Add salt and pepper and stir fry in low flame itself.

Once its done, add rice and add soya sauce.

Stir fry for a minute and check the taste. Add salt and pepper if required.

Your fried rice is ready :)

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