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5 Menstruation Myths in India and How They Came Into Existence

Since times immemorial, people have been following different myths and practises as a will and testament of God. Without even understanding the reason why these things actually came into existence or how they started. Upon reviewing the ancient texts closely, it has been found that many of the things that we blindly believe in now actually had a logical reason to be followed back when those practices were started. Menstruation, periods and the myths related to them too started with some sensible reason behind it. Thus, to help you understand all these different things, we have made a list of 5 such menstruation related myths and how they came into existence.

1. Avoiding sex during periods

The myth followed around sex during periods is that you just shouldn’t do it. There is no exact explanation why. But, when historians, scholars and researchers tried to find the reason, it was found out that there does exist a reason in the Ayurveda. During menstruation, the female releases negative energy downwards. And during sex, the woman absorbs the man’s energy. As a result, this can significantly affect the woman and her health. This is a reason why women were told to avoid having sex during periods. But, recent studies have started encouraging women to have sex during periods as it is known to give more pleasure.

2. Avoiding to cook or eat with others

This is one myth that probably all of you would have been following just like your mothers and their mothers before them. The reason why most people think this is done because women become impure during periods. Well, this is not true at all. After consulting various energy healers, it was found that this practice had something to do with the positive and negative energies. In ancient times, women used to chant ‘mantras’ while cooking and both men and women used to chant these mantras right before eating. Basically, through these mantras, the people used to relieve themselves of negative energy and take in more positive energy that the food used to provide. But, a woman in her periods who is somewhat sensitive to energies could be adversely affected by these negative energies. So, she was told to eat separately.

3. Menstrual blood is impure

This is probably one of the most common things that people in India believe. The menstrual blood is taken as some sort of impure and bad thing. On the contrary, in Manipur, India, there are many communities who think of the menstrual blood as the most positive thing. In some places, the first menstrual blood is absorbed on a cloth and then given to the girl at her wedding. This blood-stained cloth is deemed to be so powerful that it can keep the newlywed girl’s entire family safe from evil.

4. Secluding menstruating women to live separately

This is one practice that is still followed in a lot of parts of the country. However, most of the people still don’t know the exact reason why menstruating women were sent to live separately till their periods got over. This one thing has more of practical reasons than anything else. In earlier times, people used to live in small places with their cattle also near them. As a result, managing their periods was difficult in such confined spaces. Also, it was their belief that a woman’s immunity weakens during periods and she is more likely to catch an infection. Hence for her sake, she was asked to stay protected.

5. Restricting menstruating women from entering temples

Another most common myth which is rather strongly followed by people across the country is that menstruating women are not allowed in the temples. The current understanding of everyone is that women during her periods become impure and so they should not be allowed in the temples. But, in the ancient times, there was a much better reason for this. It is believed that during menstruation the energy flows downwards towards the ground while during chantings, hawans and pujas, the energy goes upwards. As a result, these energies might clash and bring discomfort to a woman’s body. Also, the reason for not touching a menstruating woman at that time was that she was the purest person of all as she was able to shed all her negative energy and was practically a living Goddess. Seems a bit contradictory from the beliefs of the current times no?

There is no way whatsoever that a woman can be impure during a natural cycle. If anything, she is purer than most of the other people during her periods. Next time, try to find the reason behind a particular thing before blindly following it.

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