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5 Life Lessons Your Baby Teaches You

Being a parent, we constantly keep helping our children to learn to walk, talk, play, behave, to assert independence, to develop an individual personality. In fact, we try to teach them everything about this life. But if we take a moment and think, our children have also taken an equal share in teaching and coaching us on what life is all about. So, here are the bits and beauty of what our children can teach us to make our life ravishing .

1. Joy is all around you:

A butterfly in the garden, a colourful pinwheel, a wagging tail of a dog or your silly acts - these are small things. But these are enough to excite your baby and make him start chuckling or burst into laughter. The basic mantra of the children is – finding joy in every little thing. If we execute that mantra in our life, life could turn into further beautiful magically. The morning cup of coffee, the sunrise, the sun rays in your room window, a stranger’s act of kindness, someone’s smile, everything seems special and everything feels to be celebrated.

2. Never Give Up:

The real failure is not when we try to do something and fail. It is when you give up trying. Babies have understood it and endorse it to the core. A baby’s determination is unmatched. No matter how much pain, how many bumps and bruises are involved, they are the go-getters. They never give up and push themselves till they achieve what they want. Their goals might be smaller such as walking independently, climbing stairs or climbing the rocking horse, etc but if we, as adults, imbibe this life lesson in our life, it would help us in reaching greater heights.

3. Be Yourself:

No matter what you do, people always have a say in that. So, why to worry about what others think? Just be yourself. That’s what your baby does too. Though your baby is not yet as thoughtful as an adult, he sure knows how to ignore his surroundings and be himself. Your baby teaches you it is alright to be different. It is okay to have different likes and dislikes than everyone else and most importantly, you don’t have to be apologetic for that. When you are unhesitatingly yourself, you could embrace the life to the fullest.

4. Live in wonderment:

For babies, everything around them is new, from a lid of a small bottle to the giant wheel, from the shape of a vegetable to the size of the furniture in your house; everything surprises, grabs and holds the attention of your baby. But we, adults, become jaded easily. We feel life is boring once we start growing up. We stop wondering in our life. And what we forget is the world is full of wonders and all we need is some me-time to explore and wonder. When we learn to live in wonderment, just like our babies, life becomes enchanting.

5. Don’t be prejudiced:

The babies are unbiased beings. They can absorb any information and give any shape to that. If we present them with a simple problem, such as opening a tight lid or opening the closed door, they think of every possible method to find the solution. The solutions your baby could offer could catch you by surprise or nowhere near to the solutions had you thought. And that is because your baby is not prejudiced. Babies keep their mind open for every possible idea and think. And the day when we, adults, become free from prejudice (about the person or situations, etc) would be the day that we could be amused by the unhampered life. 

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