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5 Important Sleeping Tips During Pregnancy

The physical discomfort and emotional stress of pregnancy can cause sleep problems in to be moms keeping them awake at night. The sleep deprivation might lead to the feeling of frustration and exhaustion in moms adversely affecting their overall health. Similar to the advice that you get during pregnancy that you should eat for two the importance of sleeping for two can’t be denied. Since your body is already going through lots of changes it’s important to relax and let your body get accustomed to the changes. Here’s the tried and tested tips that can help you get better sleep during pregnancy phase.

Have light meal before bedtime

While you’re grumping into bowls of biryani and chicken it might not be easy to sleep with a heavy stomach. Having light food before bedtime will aid in providing you sound sleep as soon as you hit the sack. But this doesn’t mean you need to completely skip your meal for sound sleep. It’s just important to eat less than you eat during the lunch and breakfast so that your stomach feels light and there’s no feeling of acidity or insomnia. Also cut down spicy food during nighttime as they can aggravate the problem of heartburn leading to a waddling night.

Snooze on your left side

The position that you choose to sleep during pregnancy can do wonders to help you sleep better when your belly is bulging outwards and has become bigger. Sleeping on the left side relieves pressure exerted by the growing uterus and improves blood circulation. You can put a pillow between your legs while sleeping in this position to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You can also rotate your positions but whenever you feel heartburn, backache or any other discomfort try turning on to the left side and feel the difference.

Remove “worry” from your list

One of the most common reasons that lead to sleep deprivation in pregnant moms is the problem of stress and anxiety. If you’re experiencing an increase in your fret fests then it’s time to quell your fears. Try to avoid bringing negative thoughts in your mind and fill your mind with lots of positivity. If you simply can’t get over stress, join a pregnant mom to be a group, talk to your family and friends and meditate. Remember for a sound sleep it’s extremely important to have a relaxed mind.

Make a bedtime schedule

If you had a bad sleeping schedule before pregnancy chances are your body will still try to adapt to the same haphazard schedule. But during pregnancy, this can have a major toll on your overall health. Giving importance to a good bedtime schedule during pregnancy will give you mental stability and will make you feel charged and energized during the next morning. Create a comfortable bedtime schedule to help your body relax and stay away from the feeling of insomnia. Try to take at least 8 hours of sleep daily for a healthy pregnancy.

Choose comfortable nightwear

Your clothes play an equally important role in getting sound sleep at night. If you’re wearing tight and body-hugging clothes you’ll feel uncomfortable the whole night and won’t be able to have a good sleep. Slip into your comfortable pyjamas and nightwear that get you comfortable and cozy to sleep. It’s also advised to wear breathable cotton fabrics at night as they are very comfortable and help you in relaxing better.

These little tips can help you in getting good night sleep reducing your fret fests. Sweet dreams of your baby as you fall asleep.

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