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5 Important Qualities Of A Good Parent

Parents are the first teachers and the first friends a child can have. From interacting with others to dealing with different situations, from adopting various life skills to managing their own emotions, children learn everything from you and the surrounding environment. It is therefore very important for you to maintain a nurturing environment around them, where they feel safe and secured.

A good parent is the one who becomes the perfect example or role model for his/her kids to look up to and to mimic. Here are 5 important qualities of a good parent that you need to acquire:

1. Patience

Parenting is not for the faint-hearted. With all the responsibilities and your children constantly testing your level of patience, it can become quite an overwhelming experience. To be a good parent, you need to be extremely patient and learn how to effectively manage stress. No matter how frustrating it gets at times, you need to remain calm. Good parents never lose their cool during stressful situations and try to find an effective solution. It helps their kids to feel secure and learn how to deal with anxiety and stress.

2. Empathy

Children learn valuable life skills from their parents and empathy is one of the most important ones. Your kids will believe whatever you tell them. When you express your love and care to your kids, they feel important and get inspired to share their emotions with you. Encourage them to be vocal and expressive about their thoughts and emotions. It will help you get an insight on how they are feeling and understand how he perceives things. Your emotional support and encouragement will help them become empathic towards others and learn to cope with grief or failure in future.

3. Mutual Respect And Trust

You get what you give” - it is true even with your children. If you want them to respect you, you must respect them as well. Children feel important when you include them in making decisions and value their inputs. Explain it to make them understand why it is wrong and how to correct it when they make mistakes. Not trusting them and instead, constantly giving advice can hurt their confidence. It can also lead to arguments and provoke them to be rebellious.

4. Consistency

While being a friendly parent is good, you also need to maintain a proper structure in your house. It is important to have some limits or boundaries between you and your kids. Be the example and teach them to respect the healthy space one needs to maintain with others. Set some rules and guidelines to help them maintain discipline and encourage them to stick to their routine. Do not contradict yourself and break the rules that you have set. This will only confuse them and make them lose interest in respecting your decisions and following your rules.

5. Communication

One of the most important qualities of a great parent is their excellent communication skills. They never give advice or judgements without listening to their kids. Children feel valued or important when their parents listen to them and try to understand their perspective. This encourages them to reciprocate accordingly and value their parents’ decisions. When you maintain a frank and healthy communication with your kids, they find you more approachable and hence, find it easy to open up to you regarding any problem or issue.

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