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5 Ideas To Make Your Husband's Birthday Extra Special

Being happily married isn’t just about eating, sleeping, and living together. It is about supporting each other, expressing your love and gratitude for having each other in your lives and being in the know of everything that goes on in each other’s lives.

There are a lot of other things that go into making a marriage successful as well - those little arguments, subsequent compromises and sacrifices. But do you know what really keeps a marriage strong? Celebrating the little things in life together. This means celebrating each other’s achievements and being there for each other through all ups and downs. It also means celebrating every anniversary and every birthday together.

It doesn’t matter if your husband isn’t too keen on celebrating his birthday in a grand manner. What matters is that you acknowledge that it is his birthday and make him feel special on his special day. Need some ideas on how to make it extra special? Keep reading!

1. Hidden Notes And Cards

Sit down with the kids and make a couple cards together. You could even buy them if you don’t have enough time or if it is a last minute plan. Allow the kids to pick their own card for their awesome, loving dad and you can pick your special card for your hubby. Make sure the card has a good message on it - whether it is funny or emotional. It shouldn’t be something that he would just forget about the next day. You also find cards that don’t have a lot of text in them. You can fill it up with your own message and make it more personalized.

After you have made/selected the birthday cards, it is time for you to place them where he would see it. If he has a habit of going to the fridge first thing in the morning, you could place it right at the front of the fridge so that it is visible to him when he opens it. Likewise, if he opens up the medicine cabinet in the washroom to shave in the mornings, you could keep a card there. Leaving little clues for a treasure hunt is a fun idea for him and the kids but it may only work after work hours since mornings are usually hectic. You could also leave little love notes inside his vehicle for him to read while he is off to work.

2. A Fun After-Office Party

This is fun for everybody. Get the kids to help you decorate the house with balloons, birthday banners and some pretty lights. There are places where you get budget-friendly decorative items that actually look cool. You could also invest in a few sky lanterns if you live in an area with a large open space. Releasing them from the terrace is also a great option. Make a wish for each one of those lanterns and just mesmerise at how the night sky looks so much prettier with those pretty floating lights.

You can even call some close friends home (as a surprise for your husband) to watch this as well as to celebrate the cake cutting. If your husband is more of a private person, you may want to skip inviting others and just enjoy it together as a family. The most important part of the party though is the food! After the cake cutting is done and all the guests have had their share of cake, it is time to bring in the food. Prepare your husband’s favourite items by yourself or just order them in if you are short on time. Arrange for drinks as well - get only the ones your husband really enjoys.

3. Love coupons

This is not just an option for those who don’t have a lot of money or time to spend. This little gift is really simple, cute, fun and everyone loves receiving them. So what are love coupons? They are handmade cards with little favours written on them. For example, you could give him a love coupon that says - “Coupon for a 15-minute foot massage. Validity: Lifetime.” or one that says “Coupon for an extra slice of cake. Validity: 24 hours from time of receiving the coupon.” You could give them several of these.

Just make sure that the favours that you write on the coupons are completely doable and that you are sure he will love them. When he wishes to use up a love coupon, be a sport and actually do whatever is written on the coupon. This makes it fun for everybody and he might think of doing something similar for your birthday too - everybody wins!

4. A Small Meaningful Gift ...In A Big Box!

Is there any particular thing that he always wanted but doesn’t find the time to buy? Maybe he wants a particular perfume or watch but hasn’t been able to get his hands on it in a long while. Make note of these little things and buy it for him. This is the only tip here that requires a lot of planning especially if you are buying it online since it would take time for it to actually reach home.

Since the gift is small yet meaningful to him, it would be a fun idea to pack and wrap it up in a large box. Place a number of empty newspaper balls (covered in gift wrap, of course) and perhaps even a couple of small vegetables covered in gift wrap inside the box. The items should be roughly the same size as the gift you are giving him. Unwrapping the presents will be both frustrating and fun for your husband while being super entertaining for you and the kids. The cruellest thing you can do is to not put the actual gift inside the large box. Once he is done unwrapping everything, give him the real gift.

5. The After-Party Party

Once everyone else has gone back to their homes and retired to bed, you and your husband can get the real party started. You can make it a little extra special by wearing a playful and seductive nightgown. If you don’t have one, you could just make do with your available lingerie - either black or red - and do a quick striptease.

Set the mood going by taking a shower together and lighting up some scented candles. Since it is his special day, you could try something new that he would enjoy. Ask him if there is anything new he wants to try. You could also opt for giving him an erotic massage with essential oils.

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