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5 Hidden Things In Your Baby Products

Baby products look very harmless at first glance but it is only when you turn them around and look at the ingredients that you find several chemicals. This will leave you wondering why you’re putting so many chemicals on your child’s skin. Here are a few toxins that hide in plain sight in everyday baby products:

Bath shampoo

Babies get dirty so often what with all the pooping and crawling around, so bath time becomes a whole routine on its own. But that sweet smell that you get from a baby shampoo or a bubble bath is a result of artificial fragrances. These are very harsh on the skin and can cause allergies or eczema. So, when you buy a baby product best stay away from ones that are strongly scented, go for the fragrance-free variant.

Baby lotion

Lotions you use to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple contain vitamins. Although in essence there’s nothing with vitamins, the ones used in baby lotions are synthetic vitamins a.k.a retinyl palmitate. Research shows that if exposed to the sun while wearing products containing synthetic vitamins, it could cause skin tumours. Look at the label and opt for baby lotions with natural ingredients.

Baby powder

Once the bath time or a diaper change is done, baby powder is a must, right? Well, that property of baby powder to suck excess moisture and keep the baby’s skin dry and soft maybe because of the talc present in it. Talc is a very powerful lung irritant and can even cause cancer. Most baby powders don’t have talc but look out for ones that do.

Baby wipes

You often tend to wipe your baby’s little tush with baby wipes, right? These wipes contain propylene glycol that is a famous skin irritant. It could also potentially cause respiratory issues. Water wipes or better yet, a pure cotton cloth is better to be used on your baby.


Diapers contain a lot of chemicals like VOC, dioxins, polyurethane, adhesives, lotions, inks, fragrance, and pesticide residue which is why you’re asked to change diapers often. Cotton diapers are actually better for your baby and are also more economical since you can reuse them. 

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