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5 Health Benefits Of Kombucha During Pregnancy

Kombucha also is known as the mystical brew is loaded with tons of health benefits making it a health elixir for pregnant moms. It is a beverage made by fermenting a colony of healthy bacteria and yeast also known as probiotics. These bacteria are known to extend health benefit not only to your brain and heart but also to your whole body. 

This drink of life naturally detoxifies your body and promotes healthy digestion. If you are prone to a craving for a fizzy drink during pregnancy then kombucha can be the perfect alternative. Here’s the breakdown of every good reason that makes it a smart choice for the pregnant moms.

Energy Boost

If you’re pregnant you might face the problem of morning sickness and constipation. Drinking kombucha gives you the kick that you need to uplift your mood and alleviate the problems of low energy level. Since caffeine is off limits during pregnancy and sugar intake is also reduced you need something to keep you moving the whole day. Boost your energy level with this fermented drink that comes without any adverse effects both for you and your baby. 

Improves digestion

If you have been swilling this fermented tea during pregnancy then you’ll find your digestion cycle improving day by day. Kombucha can help alleviate the problem of stomach acid and protects the liver from oxidative stress. Kombucha is absolutely rewarding if your normal functioning digestion has gone into chaos during pregnancy. Have this delicious fermented beverage and stay away from the problem of constipation and indigestion during the stressful phase of pregnancy.

Leg cramps

Calcium deficiency during pregnancy can lead to painful leg cramps. While kombucha itself doesn’t meet up the needs of calcium in your body, if it’s taken with calcium it can increase the absorption rate leading to a calcium boost in your body. If you want to further increase the amount of calcium content in your kombucha then try adding crushed eggshells to it which will lead to increased carbonation. It will give you additional calcium benefits of the brew with extra hydration.


During pregnancy, the body is often in the need of intense cleanse and detoxification. Kombucha is the safest option to alleviate toxins from your body when you’re expecting. The glucuronic acid present in this drink is a natural detoxifying agent that gently sweeps away toxins from your body. It combines with the toxins present in your body and converts them into soluble compounds that your body can easily excrete. It also prevents your body tissues from absorbing toxins that you might come in contact with.

Improves Immunity

If you want to safeguard you and your baby from the inflammatory aliments then kombucha can be the best choice. It contains a high amount of vitamin C and powerful antioxidants that can boost your overall immunity and protect you against cell damage and tumour. It fights against various viral infections and helps in maintaining strong immune defence which is vital while you’re expecting. Have it daily and shield your body from oxidative damage and immunity risks.

Indulge in a brewing cup of this health elixir and resonate your body with energy and ultimate divine. You just need to take it in a small amount because the overdose of it can turn the benefits into ill effects. You can enjoy 8-16oz/day with no side effects at all.

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