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5 Great ways to celebrate Father's day

How often do you tell your father or the fatherly figure in your life how much you love them, appreciate them and thank them for what they are to you? If you don’t express your thoughts and feelings about him often, here is a chance - father’s day - right around the corner! This father’s day pamper him, spoil him, appreciate him and thank him in a way he would remember forever. You can also plan a great day for your kids and your husband so they can celebrate their father too. Here are 5 great ways to make it a great father’s day!

1. Take a stroll down the memory lane:

The love of a family is the greatest blessing of life. But being overburdened with the roles and responsibilities of day to day life, we often forget to cherish it. So, utilize this opportunity to reminisce about all the good time you spent with your family. Look at family albums together. Play old recorded videos on home theatre. Or even better, go to a place where you and your father have a lot of memories together. Talk about those memories and the feelings attached to it. Whether they make you smile, laugh or cry, share the emotions. Watch, recall and relive those moments. Along with making your dad’s day special, this also makes your family bonds stronger!

2. Some “Us” time:

Every once in a while, all the relationships in this world need their own “us” time. And a father-and-child relationship is no exception. When you get caught up in school/college, studies, friends, your marriage and your own children, and your dad is also very busy with his work, it is very easy to let your relationship get sidetracked. Celebrate this father’s day by hauling it onto the right track. Go on a fishing or hiking trip or a round of golf or just have a nice cup of tea together, sharing your stories with each other and talking about your dreams. Have your “Just us” time with your dad and your dad will be more than glad for the time you got to spend.

3. A personalized letter or a video message:

Your father or husband or father-in-law are the underappreciated ones in this world - they silently work to keep your family safe and happy. So, this father’s day why don’t you prepare a personalized letter or a video message to tell him what he really means to you? That will make his day for sure! If you decide to write a personalized letter for him, pour your heart out in it and keep it in a place where your dad could easily find or post the letter to his office address. He will be immensely happy.

If you decide to prepare a video message for him, prepare it and send it to him via text or email. Let him watch it when you are not around so it will be a pleasant surprise. Certainly, it would put a smile on his face.

4. An event or activity together:

Your dad might be fond of donating to a charity or taking part in community work or volunteering for neighbourhood non-profit organizations. Join him in his efforts. Take part in these activities with him. Or if he is a crazy fan of cricket or any sport, surprise him with a couple of tickets. And plan a nice meal for before or after the game. He would love you more for that. Whatever his interests are, consider them and show him you care.

5. A candlelit dinner with your dad:

Candlelight dinners are not only for lovers or husband and wife. It is for the people who would like to bond with each other, while pampering themselves a little bit. If you want to pamper your dad just like he pampered you when you were little, go on! Choose your dad’s favourite or an entirely new restaurant. Arrange a candlelight dinner for him, talk and discuss life or about the silliest of your memories and etch an enduring impression of the evening, in his heart and mind.

Whether you choose one of these ideas or set your imagination on fire and create your own idea, keep in mind, it is ultimately his day, Father’s day. So let him choose his events based on your suggestions and have a blast! Help your little ones plan their day with dad, and you can all have a nice day being thankful for your fathers!

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