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5 Great Tips For A Stress-Free Family Vacation

We all have dreams of going on that cliche vacation with our families and click all of those Instagram worthy family pictures just to show everyone how fun our family really is. But the reality of it all is that it isn’t all that easy to get the perfect vacation. It definitely does take a lot of time and patience to make the kids understand that different places will have different people who speak different languages, follow different customs and traditions. But with only 3 days of paid leave, you have to be careful about how you spend your time. You can’t waste time relaxing in your hotel room - no, that would be a waste of precious time. You need to go out and explore this beautiful new place. So, how do we manage it all without our kids having to make a scene?s

1. Be prepared

Your baby/toddler/kid is going to get irritated or impatient at some point or the other. Knowing this is a given, you should be prepared for the worst. Most kids get cranky when they are hungry or thirsty. So make sure to feed them before you leave and have a solid plan for when you are going to have your next meal. It is best to travel during the night hours as they can sleep through the entire journey. For the first couple years, it is better to splurge and opt for the most comfortable travel option so that they fall asleep easily.

2. Prepare your child

One way to get your child to be more relaxed so they would enjoy the trip is to tell them about the place and what they can expect to see there. You could do this by showing them pictures of the place, the kind of people there and the kind of food. The more they know about the place, the less tensed they would be. You could even do a bit of research and tell them a story about the history of the place and what it is known for. It would even get them more excited about the place.

3. Treat the kids kindly

If you reward the kids for their good behaviour, they are more likely to continue to behave. Before going on the trip set a few boundaries or rules for them to follow and carry along a couple of their favourite treats and reserve them for the times when they do as told. Also, during the vacation, you can go easy on few of your usual rules - allow them to have dessert after dinner, stay up late to look at the stars or watch movies while travelling.

4. Health and hygiene comes first

Add a new bottle of hand sanitizer and packs of wet wipes to your bag while packing. Remind everyone to wash their hands regularly - especially before eating, after using the restroom and whenever they get dirty. You should also ensure that you don’t experiment with too many new foods without knowing if you are allergic to it. Keep track of what everyone eats, should anything go wrong. You should also ensure that you and the kids get plenty of rest each night during the vacation.

5. Be flexible

It’s rare for any vacation to go exactly as planned. The guide you hired to take you around may be late, you might miss your complimentary breakfast due to waking up late or maybe a bundh/protest started right on the day you arrived which means none of the shops or restaurants is going to be open. What you can do is to make the most out of any situation. If you have to stay in the hotel room for a day, then make use of the hotel’s facilities and resources. If there is a lot of traffic on the roads, you may have to shorten the list of places you can visit. So make the most of it by spending more time to explore the places you really want to explore.

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