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5 Fun Facts About Breast Milk That Can Blow Your Mind

Nothing in this world can replace the numerous benefits of the breast milk. It acts as a shield for your baby and gives your baby a healthy start that lasts lifelong. It has the magic to turn your little one into a superhero. A perfect dose of immunity, health, and wellness providing complete nutritional benefit to your baby. This mom made wonder food has a perfect balance of fats and nutrients making it the ultimate all-in-one meal for your little angel. If you want to give your baby the best start in his life then nothing can beat the benefits of breast milk. Here are the facts about breast milk that make your chest the best.

Breast milk changes colour

Have you ever got frightened after seeing your breast milk turn blue? Don’t worry! It’s normal for breastmilk to change colour with a change in our diet or lifestyle. For example, when there is alcohol in a mother’s system the breast milk turns blue. Similarly, food dyes and food colours can alter the colour of breast milk making it look a bit yellowish. The colour of the milk can vary based on maternal factors and it’s perfectly fine even when your breast milk is not pure white in colour. Don’t let your mood fluctuate as the milk colour fluctuates!

Right breast produces more milk

If you see your right breast getting fuller than the other side then it’s time to equip yourself with the quirky fact that more than 75% moms produce more milk on the right side than the other side. Our breasts are unsymmetrical and each of them functions independently on its own. The right side has higher milk production. So whenever your baby cries for milk try lactating him to the right side of the breast.

It can help you return to your pre-baby weight

Have you ever wondered to fit into your old clothes before pregnancy? Here’s the secret remedy! It takes 1000 calories a day to produce milk which is equal to starvation period. This is the reason why it’s often advised to pregnant women to consume an extra 500 calories a day. Shed those extra calories as you breastfeed and make your closet look extra hot as before.

It promotes sleep and calmness in babies

Have you ever got relieved to see your baby sleep after a session of breastfeeding? What’s the magic that your howling baby turns into a peaceful little angel? Human milk contains substances that aggravate sleep in your baby and condemn their anxiety and fear. It also calms mama and helps in building an impeccable bond with your baby. Breastfeeding moms sleep 45 minutes more on an average at night.  

Always Ready

Is your breast a breast machine? Whenever your baby cries for it you’re always ready to feed them. Breasts constantly make milk and you can feed your baby whenever he feels hungry. In the beginning, it can even produce much more milk than your baby needs and after some time the volume will slowly turn down.

We all know that breast milk has pretty spectacular benefits but did you ever know these fun facts about breast milk. It’s the nutrition nurturing you for your entire lifetime.


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