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5 Foreign Languages Your Kids Should Learn This Summer

In India, the first language in most schools is usually English followed by Hindi and a regional language. Obviously, these are valuable for the growth of your child.But is that sufficient? Researchers believe the grasping power of a child from age 3-7 is enormous. It is shockingly higher than that of an adult. What takes you months to learn, a child will learn easily in days. This is because at an early age the child’s brain is rich in neuronal content and actively creating more connections.

1. Spanish

Apart from the fact that Spanish is declared as the sweetest language in the world, it is also similar to English. So if your child is already learning English in his school, learning Spanish will literally be a child’s play. It is also the third most popular language and spoken by 23 countries across the world. If these are not enough reasons why your child should enroll in a Spanish learning institute right away, another added rationale could be it merely takes 5 months to learn the language.

2. Mandarin

Mandarin is the most popular language across the globe in the current scenario. With booming opportunities in China, Mandarin should undoubtedly be on your list. Along with one-fifth of the world population already speaking the language, each day thousands of people whose mother tongue is not Mandarin are enrolling themselves to learn this ancient language.

3. French

Just like Spanish, the difficulty level of learning French is fairly easy. According to Forbes, by 2050 an approx. of 750 million people will speak French. You definitely want to prepare your kid for this prediction. French is already widely spoken across Europe and few parts of Africa. Despite being tagged as the language of love, it is also a major language for global business.

4. Arabic

Arabic is the fifth most spoken language globally. It is the primary language for all the Middle Eastern countries as well as North Africa. Though the language is considered a tough one, it will certainly not be unfruitful. Arabic speakers are presently at a high demand.

5. German

Although it is not that widely used, German is the official language of Germany. It is also used in several other countries in Europe. It is mandatory to learn German for a job or higher studies within the country. German being the hub of the automobile industry as well as medical research makes it a must learn subject. The dialect is not like English and is considered a bit difficult to learn yet it is learnt by thousands of people worldwide. Learning German shall provide a competitive edge for your child.

Now that you know the top languages used globally and their difficulty levels, don’t waste your kid’s childhood and enroll him right away.

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