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Microwave ovens are a super convenient way of cooking and reheating food. They’ve become an essential in every modern kitchen. Hot cookies or a fruitcake - every delicacy is ready without constant monitoring and hassle. But microwave ovens also pose a serious threat to health if the wrong kind of foods are microwaved or reheated. Here are 5 such foods:

1. Milk

Milk contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and bioactive compounds. Microwaving milk will not only reduce all of these nutritional qualities, the milk is also not heated properly as few portions of the milk will be hotter than the rest. This applies to breast milk as well.

2. Rice

Rice often contains a bacteria called bacillus cereus which is responsible for producing toxins that might cause food poisoning. When rice is reheated in the microwave instead of killing this bacteria, it provides an environment in which these bacteria rapidly multiply. It is better to store rice in the fridge if you plan on storing it for a few hours.

3. Potato

Potatoes contain a bacteria called clostridium botulinum which is commonly found in the soil. They need to be cooked thoroughly to kill this bacteria. Potatoes that are cooked in the microwave will have cold and hot spots where some portions are cooked better than the rest. The bacteria will thrive in the uncooked portion and when consumed can lead to a serious health disorder called botulism.

4. Egg

Cooking eggs are similar to that of potatoes. They need to be cooked properly to get rid of salmonella, a bacteria that is present inside the egg. So don’t run the risk of cooking eggs in the microwave, especially if it’s a hard-boiled egg as there are even chances of it exploding inside the oven.

5. Chicken

You might’ve already heard a lot of times that you need to consume chicken only if it’s cooked all the way to inside. Even a little pink in the middle suggests that it is undercooked and this is exactly what happens when you cook chicken in a microwave oven - Undercooked chicken which can cause a salmonella infection. 

But if you are cooking or grilling it in a microwave oven then make sure to keep the temperature above 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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