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5 Fashion Tips For Busy Moms To Glam Up Simple Outfits

Hello mommies,

How are you today??

We are always busy in finding new fashion and styles and setting an awesome routine for our kids. Whatever time is left with us, it also vanishes in dressing them up. Honestly, we actually forget ourselves when we become a MOMMY. Being a mother myself, I have realised that small changes in our lives like by just changing our dressing styles, following the latest fashion and styles trends can actually add a lot of new fun and flavour in our day to day boring routine. Wanna try?? 

As I believe that "If we look beautiful, we feel beautiful" so, keeping up with this thought let's check some simple fashion tips and advice which can enhance your appearance and get you NOTICED!!

1) Adding A Jewellery Piece Will Bring You To An Ease: 

Whether you are a housewife or an office goer, you will always need to look prim and proper (Don't forget your kids will look up to you for their style). What is your clothing style?? A kurta pyjama or a combo of shirt trouser, whatever it is... take my fashion advice and just add a statement piece to your neck. Remember - "BOLDER tHE BETTER. It will surely make you stand out without putting a lot of effort. Try it today!!

2) Wear The Heel For That Extra Zeal: 

Another fashion tip which will take your attire from drab to fab will be a click of a heel. If you are fond of high ones..go ahead and wear them but as per my fashion advice, Kitten heel is an excellent alternative to add that extra inches without compromising foot and back health as these heels are usually 1.5 inches high. Imagine your attire with that perfect combo of fashion and style and flavour of your amazing smile... WOWOOOOW!!!

3) A Little Makeup Will Take You Up: 

Indian or western whatever is your clothing style....doesn't stop you from wearing some make to add that fashion and style. For everyday purpose keep it simple and classy like nude lips and line of kajal or liner but my fashion advice is that do play with colours when it comes to parties or on some special times. Imagine a monochromatic black or white outfit along with bold red lips... WOOOW, too good!! Don't be shy just because you are a mother....give a twist and enjoy those glares.

4) Tie Up Your Hair To Add That Flare:

I just loved the fashion advice once given by my mother to me that tie up your hair in a way which is comfortable but give it a little punch of fun. For example, instead of a simple pony try a high pony which makes you look younger and peppy. Try another fashion tip, make a fish tail braid for that celebrity effect or a high granny bun along with a scarf tied over it. It will give all the other mother serious MOMMY GOALS and all of them will try to catch up. Want to get chased? Try it today!!

5) Layer It Up To Gear It Up: 

My last fashion tip to all of you is to layer it up to gear it up!! Lift up your fashion and style by layering up your attire and adding many more trendy prints and colours to it. Layering can be anywhere...on the upper or the lower part of the body. I personally love to share my fashion advice which is to add a cool printed shrug or jacket in case of autumn/ spring on the top or an impressive layer of scarf over the head in case of summers. Add a layer by wearing polka dotted printed stockings under a dress or a pair of shorts. You can even try fish net stockings along with your outfit as it will really add that fashion and fun!!

I really hope some of these fashion tips or fashion advice will help you to redefine your fashion and style as it will surely give you that big SMILE. Dress to impress yourself, your kids, your partners as fashion is fun and you should be the ONE... the only ONE!!

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