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5 Facts About Cramps After Sex During Pregnancy

Even most sexually confident women freak out as they experience cramps after sex during pregnancy. It’s trickier to prepare for sex when you’re pregnant, you go through a range of emotions, your body becomes wonky and above all the serious contractions can make you feel totally confused whether to have it or not. But the fact is that unless your cramps are severe you don’t need to worry as it will last for few minutes and it will eventually subside. Sex can obviously be a bit painful during pregnancy but as long as you and your partner can put the steam of your love on these cramps will not last for more than few minutes. If you want to dig deeper then we have gathered everything you need to know about the cramps after sex during pregnancy.

Cramps don’t mean you’re going into labour

Many women unknowingly associate cramps with the sign of labour which is a myth. As the changes occur in your body your private parts are also affected by these changes. So when your uterus contracts after sex you might experience contraction or cramps which is absolutely normal. You don’t need to freak out when you experience cramps next time you have sex while you’re pregnant because it’s just the indication that your body is going through many changes. You're vaginal secretion increases while you’re having sex during pregnancy which might be a pleasure or a nuisance for you.

Avoid deep penetration

The middle month of pregnancy is considered to be the golden time to have sex. The range of ecstasy that you experience during this phase is unmatchable to any other phase and this is the major reason many couples can’t keep off from having sex during pregnancy. But in order to reduce the cramps and contractions, it’s best to avoid deep penetration so that it’s less disturbing and harmless. You can enjoy even to the chore by understanding that your partner is going through huge changes and she needs your care and support. By being a less horny you can definitely help her get rid of the pain.

Even orgasm can cause pain

Is it normal to experience pain after orgasm during pregnancy? This is very common. After orgasm, you have uterine contraction which causes minor cramps or pain. Since during pregnancy your uterus grows in size you notice it more often and you get a freaking feeling whenever this happens. This is also the major reason why orgasm is considered as a unique phenomenon during pregnancy. Orgasm becomes much more intense during pregnancy and even the pain can’t take off the pleasure of it.

Cramps are similar to mild menstrual cramps

Though the intensity of cramps or contraction can vary from women to women but most likely the pain that you experience after having sex with your partner during pregnancy is similar to mild menstrual cramps. These cramps won’t hurt your baby and it’s not a signal of miscarriage also. The only moment you need to worry is when the cramping is severe and is turning into serious contraction. Other than that you can definitely chill out.

The contractions won’t produce cervical changes

If you have ever been worried thinking that the contractions after sex during pregnancy can cause premature labour or produce cervical changes then you need to take a deep breath and relax. During sex, your body is in motion and the physical activity and change in position can cause contraction. These contractions eventually pass within few hours. Try taking rest, drink water and relax! Everything is normal and it’s just a part of your pregnancy phase.

So now being pregnant should not be the reason to avoid having sex with your partner. Sex can induce pain but it will be mild and it’ll eventually go away. Don’t let these little cramps restrict you from getting over the edge with your partner.

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