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Weight loss will be the main goal for most women in postpartum. You will be desperate to get back to the pre-pregnancy size and will indulge in exercises to shed the pregnancy fat. Exercises are good for your health, but, you have to be extra careful if you have undergone a C-section. Women with a history of cesarean, take a longer time to recover when compared to a normal delivery. Any sudden movements can damage the stitches and lead to an infection. Generally, doctors recommend waiting at least 6-12 weeks before you take up any form of exercise.

Avoid the following exercises, if you are trying to reduce your body weight after a C-section.


This abdominal exercise will exert high pressure on your lower abdomen. This excessive pressure will damage the connective tissues in the abdominal wall and will increase the risks of diastasis recti.


Running, sprinting, and jogging might induce stress in the abdomen and increase the intensity of the C-section wounds. Further, you might also experience back, hip, and knee pain.

3.Weight Lifting:

It is not safe to lift heavy weights after a cesarean. This again puts your body under stress, which is not good for your health. Consult your doctor and ask him how much weight you are allowed to lift after a C-section.

4.Overhead Press:

Overhead press exerts high pressure on your lower abdomen and delays the healing process.

5.Leg Raises:

Lifting your legs puts pressure on your lower abdomen. It also damages the connective tissues in the abdominal wall, near the stitches. Hence, avoid these kinds of exercises.

Avoid intense exercises and go for the lighter ones. Pay special attention to the incision area while you are exercising. If you feel any pain in the scar area, make changes to the exercise. If you are not feeling comfortable with any of the exercises, you can always stop doing it. Listen to your body. Always remember, no one understands you, better than you.

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