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If you can say anything with absolute certainty, it is that parents are ready to do anything for their little ones. You would notice when you see a mom holding her baby and feeding her, the care and concern she has for her baby is beyond words. You usually see a mom during pregnancy, taking rest, and they would always be worried about what to do for the baby like how to prepare for it. Its as if entering a whole new world. They even baby proof the houses. In spite of all these cleanings and keeping the house safe, children fall sick. One of the main reasons for them to fall sick is due to the toxins present in their homes.

According to the statistics it is observed that average home today contains more than 60 environmental toxins that negatively affect your health and the health of your family. Studies show that due to the rise in synthetically manufactured products used in the home, the rate of birth defects, behavioural problems, and serious illness is on the rise. Even according to EPA studies, the air in your home is 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside. The main reason for these toxins is due to the chemicals used in your house cleaning products. Chemical-containing cleaner products like air fresheners, glass cleaners, floor cleaners etc are used to remove germs but the chemicals used in them are toxins which are harmful to you and your family. 

You'll be wondering if these toxins are really responsible for the ill health of your family. Trust us, we are not joking. Here are some of the adverse effects toxins can have on your babies: 

1. Respiratory issues: 

Chemicals used in the cleaning products lead to breathing issues in small children like irritation and excessive coughing. Chronic exposure may even lead to asthma and bronchitis. They usually affect the nose, lungs and trachea regions. Imagine kids having a hard time breathing just because of the toxins present. It's a sad thing and it's high time parents are aware of the issues, caused by these toxins.

2. Neurological issues:  

Small kids crawl around the house and play with toys and seeing them play is such a happy sight!. But the toxins used to clean the house when inhaled might affect their brain and cause behavioural depression, coma, convulsions etc. The chemicals present in household products have such adverse effects on them.  

3. Reproductive issues: 

House cleaning products are something which people don't give much importance to because they're busy with their lives and taking care of their households. As kids grow up, prolonged exposure to these toxins present in chemical cleaners leads to infertility among many other issues. It is also bad for pregnant women as it might lead to miscarriage. They affect the main reproductive parts like testicles, ovaries etc.

4. Dermatological issues: 

Your little one roams around the house constantly, right? Exploring something new each and every day. To make sure its safe for him, you try to clean the house. But by using chemical cleaners, the kids are exposed to toxins when they crawl around. This will cause rashes, itching sensation and redness of the skin. Sometimes it might even lead to swelling of the skin.

5. Gastrointestinal issues: 

Babies usually put toys or any other items in their mouth, it's their way of exploring new things. They touch, feel and taste to get a sense of the item. Most parents think using chemical cleaners will get rid of the dust and germs to keep all the things safe but they have no idea that the toxins present in them can lead to stomach and intestinal problems like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea. These are caused due to the acute exposure of toxins but a chronic exposure leads to cancers too.

Just imagine, how a mother takes care of her small ones in her womb and when they come out into the world, there’s nothing more important than those lil cute munchkins. Reading the above problems will make you reconsider some of the choices that you have made for the house. Now that you’re aware of all the dangerous chemicals present in your house, we hope you choose better and more natural alternatives. We want to be involved in keeping your baby and everyone in your home safe and it's a big priority for us. Who is this “We” you ask? We, from Tinystep, have developed an organic product called “Tinystep Floor Cleaner”, which not only removes germs but also toxins present in the home. It is made out of all natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and mint extracts. This product, when used leaves a refreshing lime smell and it doesn't produce any toxins. Its pocket-friendly too and now you don't have to worry about your lil ones crawling around the house. Go get one and keep your kids safe, there is nothing more precious than their well being. Kids are the future and this is our way of ensuring the future's safe. Click here to buy yourself Tinystep natural floor cleaner. 

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