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5 Easy And Delicious Porridge Recipes For Your Baby

If your baby has recently started consuming solid food or you’re looking for something that is rich in fibre, porridge is your way to go! Healthy and delicious, porridge can be a great source of nutrients and is easy on the stomach. You can add a number of ingredients to simple porridge to make it an even more nutritious and wholesome meal.

From the several ways of innovating with porridge, we have for you the yummiest recipes right here!

1. Apple-oats porridge

Boil water in a pan and add about one cup of oats to it. Next, peel and chop an apple and add it to the pan. Let the mixture simmer till the oats are well done and the apples are mushy. Blend the mixture and your delicious apple porridge is ready. You can add about 50ml of milk to it for toddlers.

This porridge is very healthy and fibrous, and adds nutrients, like vitamin C, to your baby’s diet.

2. Banana-oats porridge

Boil water in a pan and add about a cup of oats to it. Simmer till the oats are done. Puree a banana (just peel a banana, chop it into bits and mash it with a fork) and add it to the pan. Mix it well on heat for about half a minute. Next, blend the mixture and your banana porridge is ready!

Bananas are packed with potassium, and are low in sodium and a number of essential vitamins, making them a superfood for your babies!

3. Pear-oats porridge

Boil water in a pan and add about a cup of oats to it. Peel and chop a pear finely and add it to the pan. Let the mixture heat till the oats are well done and the pair in nice and soft. Next, blend the mixture until its texture is smooth and fine.

Try and use a ripe, soft pear for the porridge, so that it gives the porridge a sweet taste.

Pears are fibrous, and rich in vitamins C and K, and have a lot of potassium!

4. Mango-oats porridge

Boil water in a pan and add about a cup of oats to it. Let it stay on heat till the oats are well done, and allow to cool. Next, take the pulp of a ripe, sweet mango and add it to the oats. Blend the mixture till it has a nice consistency and adds a little cinnamon powder to it (optional), for added flavour.

Mango contains a good amount of potassium and vitamins (C, A and K), and gives a sweet taste to the porridge.

5. Watermelon and strawberry oats porridge

Your baby will love this sweet, summery porridge! Take a cup each of strawberries and watermelon (seeds removed), and blend them. Boil about half a cup of oats in water till they are well done. Blend this mixture until smooth. Feed this to babies who are 8 months or above.

Watermelons and strawberries are both packed with nutrients and fibre, and give this porridge a different and amazing flavour!

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