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We know how much you love to tell the world how cute your baby is, and now we are going to make your day a little better. Have you ever aimlessly stroked your baby and got an adorable reaction from the little one. Have you tried getting that reaction again, but couldn't get it? We may have a solution for you, as some of the reactions you might be getting from your baby are his/her reflex actions. These would be the baby’s “primary reflexes” that appear and disappear during the baby’s infancy period. So let’s see how you can make the world swoon a little more over your baby!

1. Thumbs Up

Seat your baby in a semi upright position and let your child’s head momentarily fall slightly backward and onto your hand. Your baby will simultaneously raise his/her hands up and flex their thumb, making it seem as though they are giving you a thumbs up. This is actually known as the Moro Reflex of the baby. This reflex appears at birth and disappears by the 4th or 6th month.

2. Wanna fight?

Turn your baby's head to one side while he/she lies on their back and they will extend their arm on the side to which their head is turned. You will also find that they flex the other arm in a pose that mimics a fencing stance. This is known as the Tonic Neck Reflex. It usually fades away by the age of 4 or 6 months.

3. Skydiving Pose

When you suspend your child by their trunk and suddenly lower them as if they were falling for an instant, they will spontaneously throw out their arms as though they were skydiving. This reflex is very aptly called The Parachute Reflex and appears before the your baby starts walking.

4. Selfie!

Stroke your baby’s cheek lightly, and notice that they turn towards the direction of the stroke with a pout. This is known as the Rooting Reflex and your baby pouts because they are expecting to find their mother’s nipple. This lasts till they’re about 4 or 6 months old.

5. Fan It Out

When a finger is stroked firmly down the outer edge of your baby's sole, their toes spread and extend out like an adorable little fan. This is called the Babinski Reflex and lasts for about 9 months or a year.

We hope we were able to solve a couple mysteries about your child’s reactions. Now get your camera ready and watch the world swoon over baby!


NOTE:Though these actions create very cute reactions, these reflexes are very important for the baby’s development. So, if your baby is not responding to these reflexes as expected or is responding to these stimuli after the expected time duration, please look into it.  

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