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5 Couples Talk About Their Sex Lives After Having A Baby

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Sex after childbirth is an issue that plagues many. Will it hurt? Will it ever be as pleasurable again? Will I ever feel the sexual desire again? These questions are common, so don’t worry if you’ve been thinking about these too! This article aims at solving a few of your queries by letting you know what new parent are saying about their experiences in bed after having a baby!

So, what do couples have to say?

1. Plan and talk about it

Making sure your baby is asleep and won’t disturb you in between, using lubrication and talking it out with your partner will ease many problems in your head. Hence, planning ahead is essential, says Kaci Menefee-Willis on Facebook.

2. Pain in the vaginal region

Since a common problem is that of pain, know that experiencing a little dryness or pain isn’t uncommon after having a baby. Especially if you’ve had an episiotomy, this might be more.

A couple shares that the pain was initially a lot more. This was mostly a result of dryness in that region. Also, due to breast feeding, estrogens levels dip in women, making the area drier. Using lubricants for this purpose is helpful. For long term recovery, it is always advisable to wait more than six weeks to let the wounds heal. Post that, you can safely resume your activities.

3. Feeling aroused

Abby Theuring says that she didn’t feel aroused for months afterwards. She bled for more than two months which reduced her desire even more. She was left aghast when she found out that a friend was having sex after childbirth. She consulted a doctor and discussed it at length with her partner. Finally, she got around to having sex and it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be! The unusual feeling about her vagina and the feeling of a “hole” down there had disappeared. It felt more normal after a few more months.

4. Better sex after childbirth

Many couples have this opinion that the sex is much better after childbirth!

A couple states, “We really can’t be as adventurous as before because there’s a baby sleeping in the next room. But we still try to make it fun. The process is now a lot more enjoyable and pleasurable!"

5. Breasts serving a dual purpose

“Getting used to the idea of your breasts being used for two completely different purposes – breastfeeding and sexual reasons, is difficult,” said another couple.

Nipples becoming a little raw and your partner tasting a little of your breast milk is common. You will take a little time but once you’re used to it, it won’t be much of an issue. Viewing your breasts as sexual parts of your body is the difficult part but it’s a challenge you have to overcome by yourself.

Hence we see that apprehensions are very normal and it’s best if you do the necessary research before resuming sex after childbirth. Your experience will sometimes be ruined midway through the act when your baby suddenly starts crying, but that is all a part of the package called parenthood. In the end, don’t fret, because things will soon go back to being how they had been.

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