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5 Conditions That Can Be Cured With Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not only an amazing feeling but an extremely happy experience. On one side, you get to bring a new life into this world. That is the joy that nothing can stop you from feeling. Yet, on the other side - there can be a few struggles and pains. You are in constant fear that some problem or issue might affect your little one.

Want to relax and absorb all the positivity from your pregnancy? While they might not be completely cured, here are 5 conditions that will definitely be eased during your pregnancy!

1. Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system might attack its own tissues. This is a condition that can be hard to diagnose. Thus, it can cause a lot of danger to your health immediately. Studies have in fact found that women might be 2-3 times more vulnerable to suffer from this condition.

Every person who may suffer from this condition has different symptoms. That is why it is extremely important for you to visit your doctor immediately if you notice signs like:

- blurry vision

- numbness

- tingling in the face, arms, legs and fingers

- bladder/bowel problems

- dizziness

- extreme fatigue

- muscle spasms

- speech and thought

- tremors

Your pregnancy can and will fight this condition back! It has been proved that a pregnancy will cause lesser relapses or for you to suffer from the condition again in your life later. Doctors say that your symptoms go down during pregnancy - with you feeling much better in the second and third trimester.

For some women, the symptoms disappear entirely. This is because the high level of hormones during your pregnancy create a protective effect against this condition. Just ensure to keep in touch with your doctor as the symptoms sometimes may come back after delivery.

2. Rheumatoid arthritis

Another autoimmune condition, rheumatoid arthritis attacks the joints - causing swelling and pain. Close to 75-to-90 percent pregnant women get instant relief while pregnant. The main reason is said to be because of your baby’s immune system.

When you are pregnant your baby’s immune system may actually change your immune response. One small disadvantage is that this is only temporary and the condition does flare-up often after you deliver.

3. Psoriasis

This is a chronic skin condition which thickens and scales your skin. It can also diminish the quality of life for many people.
Yet, 50 percent of pregnant women can see the improvement of their symptoms. Doctors again point out that this is possible because of some strong or steroid-like pregnancy hormones. More specifically, an increased estrogen level during pregnancy has been connected to how this condition is improved.

4. Migraines

Recent studies show that 50-to-80 percent of pregnant women who suffer from migraines experience a reduction in the strong headaches.

Again, the rising estrogen levels reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines. In fact, recently, doctors have started to use hormone replacement therapy to treat migraines. Here they mimic pregnancy effects which can reduce the painful symptoms instantly. This is especially beneficial for women who have serious headaches before they start their menstruation cycle

5. Hair loss

Hair loss is a famous condition that most women who have been pregnant before know that can be cured through pregnancy. Pregnancy changes the texture and growth of your hair - making it full and luxurious.
It definitely does not make you grow more hair. On the other hand, the increased level of estrogen makes you lose hair slowly and allow your hair to be healthy.

This sadly also increases the growth rate of hair on other parts of your body. Women who are pregnant should be careful of how they treat this unwanted hair on their body and face. Always make to ask your doctor for a final guidance when in doubt or confused.

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Now you can enjoy the most important and exciting time of your life as you are pregnant with your precious little one! 

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