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5 Common Reasons For Loss Of Appetite In Kids

It’s really difficult to notice your kid’s appetite dwindle. Parents want their kids to be well-fed but the loss of appetite is such a concern that your child might refuse to eat even the most loved food items. You would often walk around the house with a fork to see if your child would eat another bite but soon you will end up being nothing more than a tired mommy. We start fretting over the loss of interest of our kids in food. It’s a signal that something is wrong in your kid’s life and may affect his overall health. If your kid is refusing to eat again and again then here’s the common reasons and the ways you can handle them. 


One of the most common reasons because of which kids lose their appetite is the problem of constipation. It prevents regular bowel movement and the feeling of fullness continues throughout the day. Your kid’s entire system gets affected by bloating and gas because of which they experience a sudden loss of their appetite. This problem might be temporary until the bowel movement is cleared but your child may have a tough time handling this issue. You can try massaging his belly until he passes gas to provide him instant relief or you can also increase water intake and cut down food items such as rice, banana and cooked carrots that cause constipation. You can also consult a paediatrician if the problem doesn’t reduce with time.

Lack of food choices

Children are fussy eaters and they show signs of loss of appetite if something interesting is not there on the table. When you give healthy food choices to your kids depending on their appetite and health concern, you’ll find that they will be more likely to try them. Let them decide for themselves whether they will eat peas or corn, salad or soup. By encouraging your kids to make their own decisions about what to eat, you’ll notice a decrease in loss of appetite. Try giving lots of choices this week, and just see what happens. You’ll certainly notice a decrease in agonizing dinnertime battles, your kids will stay at the table longer, and you won’t have to chase your kid like a circus monkey pressurizing him to eat.


Look at it this way, you have someone ill in your family or are tensed over financial matters or exams don’t you experience a loss of appetite? Similarly, when kids are tensed over some matter, either at school or in the home it results in disliking towards even the favourite food items and has an adverse effect on their appetite. You can easily get a hint of your child facing such concern if he tries to be aloof, doesn’t talk much or refuses from going to school. If he is facing any sort of stress you need to talk to him and try to find out what’s haunting him deep inside.


Uneven meal timings

Meal timing is also very important part of a healthy routine as the body starts showing signals of getting something to eat at a regular time when it is accustomed to getting ready to be served. If anyway you miss this time and try to make your child eat at some other time he might not feel as hungry as before. Even your kid’s favourite dish served at the wrong time might not persuade him to eat and on the other hand right food at right time is not less than a miracle.

Anorexia Nervosa

Kids often develop a psychological aversion to food in an attempt to ape their screen idols. They try to follow their routine in order to become as fit and healthy as their favourite stars. They skip meals and try to go without eating for several hours. If they are not able to control their hunger and by mistake eat something fattening they feel guilty about it and condemn eating for coming days. If your kid is avoiding food or sneaking through his diet he might be suffering from Anorexia Nervosa. If you experience any such symptom in your kid you must consult an eating disorder specialist to help your child get rid of this problem. 

These are the few ways you can help your kid regain his appetite. It’s important to let the kids read their body’s own internal hunger cues and decide whether they want to eat or not. Once hunger will tickle their belly they’ll eat the served food without nagging and they may find that even the boring food isn’t as bad as they once thought.  

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