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5 Common Products That Are Not Safe For You And Your Baby

We use a lot of products daily for our everyday needs. Whether packaged products used for cleaning, bathing, and eating purpose or electronic devices like TV, fridge, AC, Microwave oven etc. These products usually seem to be making our life easy. Fridge preserves our food and gives us cold water, noodles are easy to make, packaged fruit juices can be kept for longer periods, TV entertains us in our boredom, and with laptops, we can do many things impossible in the yesteryear.

But have you ever questioned the ability of the products? How can fruit juices be preserved when packaged while they won’t remain edible if not from packaged source? How easily are noodles digested if they are cooked in 2 minutes? What amount of energy they provide? How healthy is food cooked in a microwave? Are the cleaning products really cleaning our home or are there toxic chemicals left to spread over the floor? Are the soaps you use to clean your baby harsh on her skin?

This article is a little insight into few of these questions. Questions about products that you should have asked long ago before even buying them from the shop. Products that are proving to be actually harmful rather than be useful.


Though your little kid might like it the most just like every other child of this generation, the food that gets cooked easily need not be the food that it disgested easily too. Noodles are one of the toughest foods to be digested by our body. They at times remains in the small intestines for a long time and disturb our digestive system. Try to avoid them and instead prepare some dish at home itself.

Video Games:

In solitary, children often seek for ways to keep themselves engaged. Some get engaged with drawings, toys or pets, others, and a big fraction of new generation kids, need video games on mobile or laptop or other computer platforms. Initially, they look a good alternative to the solitary, but soon they become a source of addiction. This addiction proves to be very harmful in the long run.


Plastics are used everywhere. Toys to Crockery to bottles of packaging to furniture to decoratives. A big consequence of this wide adoption of plastics in our daily life is that our baby will be directly or indirectly getting in contact with these. They might even take them in the mouth. This could be a very serious threat.

Packaged Fruit Juices:

Packaged Fruit Juices, or any edible for that matter, always contains some kind of preservatives. These preservatives are the thing that doesn't let them degrade in taste for a long time. But these also gets consumed by us, which is completely not required by our body. We can easily get rid of these preservatives by using freshly prepared juices. 

Floor Cleaners:

Floor cleaners are one important daily use product that easily escapes our attention. Usually, floor cleaners are full of toxic chemicals which may cause a lot of illness including headaches, asthma etc. Instead of the toxic chemical-based cleaners, if one shifts to Natural Floor cleaners, you and your kid may get rid of a lot of health issues. Not only this, you will also be detoxifying your home from any chemical breezing around.

One natural solution to all the toxicity present in the floor cleaners lies in using a natural product like Tinystep Floor Cleaner. This product is made out of natural extracts like baking soda, vinegar and mint. It is free from phosphates, ammonia and chlorides that are present in most chemical-based floor cleaners. It is not only baby safe, Tinystep floor cleaner is a great companion for your furry little pets too. Click here and get yourself a brand new bottle and we promise, you'll be raving about it in no time.

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