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5 Common Myths About Air Purifier And Why You Should Buy One

The winter of 2017 and the first dawn of 2018 showed us the reality of the drastic changes in the air quality around us. In India, the pollution levels were 15 times higher than the national standards. The air quality of many cities in India like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Lucknow touched the mark of ‘severe’ shooting right up from ‘poor’.

Studies have recorded that PM 2.5 (Particulate Matter) is 2.5 micrometres or less in diameter. It is an air pollutant which is of a serious concern for people’s health as it is known for causing respiratory tract infection. PM 2.5 is dangerous because these fine, small and light particles are able to travel deeply into the respiratory tract and spark an infection. Did you know-these airborne particles are 30 times thinner than the human hair!

Seeing the air pollution levels outside your home might make you feel like staying indoors as the air might be safer to breathe. According to a study conducted by EPA, the air inside your house is 10 times more dangerous than the air outside! Common habits like lighting candles, cooking fumes, not using exhaust fans and spraying room fresheners contribute to at least 30% of indoor air pollution.

Consider buying an air purifier as soon as possible but before you do, here are 5 myths that you need to stop believing right now.

1. You need not open windows while using an air purifier

Every household needs some amount of ventilation. The fresh air from outside will help in recycling the stale indoor air. You can open the windows of your house for about an hour each day and let the air purifier take control over it. Ensure that the air purifier you have at home has an anti-dust filter and an antimicrobial filter to sieve out the allergens.

2. Air purifiers will remove the odour so forget about common housekeeping

This is the second most common myth people believe. They feel that if they have an air purifier at home, they don’t have to bother looking into the hygiene levels in the kitchen. Letting the veggies and fruits rot and thinking that the air purifier will eliminate the odour, is not a bright idea. The truth is that the air purifiers will do their job, but that’s no excuse for you to keep your kitchen dirty and unhygienic.

3. Air purifiers are pointless since there’s no measure to control the outdoor air quality

This is the biggest misconception related to air purifiers! As a matter of fact, the air quality outdoor is already poor but the air inside your home is poorer.

The air pollution level in your house is 10 times more harmful than the outdoor air. The main culprits of this are our daily habits of burning candles, spraying room fresheners, cooking fumes etc. Since we spend a lot of time indoors, the air around us needs to be clean and healthy. There’s a way to you can control indoor air pollution and that is- by buying an air purifier for your family so that they breathe in healthy and clean air only.

4. Running an air purifier at any speed will do the same amount of cleansing

This is by far the biggest misconception related to air purifiers. Consumers often run their air purifiers at lower speeds just to avoid hearing the spinning sound of the fan. They don’t realise that by doing so, they’re reducing the square footage covered by the air purifier. Just run the air purifier for a couple of hours on high speed and turn it down by a few notches at bedtime.

5. AC rooms don’t need air purifiers

Let us burst your bubble- AC rooms need an air purifier the most! As a matter of fact, AC is ineffective against pollen, dust and other allergens since there are no filters. AC release harmful toxins like hydrofluorocarbons which cause air pollution. So, basically, you’re doing more harm than protecting your family!

To solve this, you need to have an air purifier which will exterminate the toxins and the pollutants from the air you’re breathing.

Don’t let myths like these stop you from giving your family healthy air. It is high time you invested in an air purifier. We recommend Dr. Aeroguard as it is the perfect air purifier for your home. They have an array of air purifiers with a 9 filter system which are GUI lab certified. The HEPA filters, anti-dust filter, antimicrobial filter, anti-allergen filter and the deodorizing filters ensure that you breathe clean and healthy air in your house.

They also have an additional vita-ion filter and therapeutic filter which release Silver ions and Vitamin C in the air around us. That way, you’re not only going to breathe clean but healthy too!

So what are you waiting for? You can experience the benefits of Dr Aeroguard air purifier in your home with a free home demo. Or if you want to buy it and bring it home for your family’s health and wellbeing then go right ahead. 

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