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5 Common Causes And Remedies Of Body Odour In Kids

Regardless of how much deodorant you put on body odour is something that will invade your life without a knock knock. Especially your supercharged kids can get really bad body odour because of sweating and multitude of physical activities. Under normal circumstances showering and maintaining proper hygiene can resolve this issue. 

But if your kids tend to sniff their armpit every now and then and are facing embarrassment because of the foul smell coming from their body then the problem might not be as superficial as you suspect. It’s better to take medical help if you know your child is clean but the odour still lingers. In other cases, you can easily get rid of this problem by knowing what’s causing it. Here’s a guide to common causes of body odour in kids and million dollar remedies to say goodbye to it.

Poor hygiene

Poor hygiene is often the number one reason for the embarrassing problem of body odour. Insufficient bathing, wearing dirty clothes can lead to pungent smell secreted by the apocrine glands that can concentrate the odour in the most sensitive areas such as armpits, around the nipples, arms, and feet leading to foul smell. If you want to get rid of nose pinching smell then having a good hygiene can work wonders to eliminate this problem. Try to take bath daily twice a day, wear clean clothes, use deodorant and talcum powder to keep the foul smell at bay.

What you eat comes out

Another reason for body odor can be wrong food choices. Body odor has a direct correlation with the food you eat. If you eat too much of red meat you might notice the fishy odor in your body because of the presence of carnitine in it. Similarly, if you eat food with onion, garlic, and sugar your body will tend to produce more foul smell than the others. The best trick is to avoid smelly foods such as fish, eggs, and garlic and consume healthy vegetables and fruits that can beat the foul smell in a go.


There are lots of changes that our body witnesses once we attain sexual maturity. Among dozens of changes, body odor is also something you should watch out for. Boys reach puberty between the age of 12 and 14 and girls reach the stage between 10 and 14. This is the age when you may notice the foul smell coming from your body even after maintaining proper hygiene. There’s nothing to worry about it once you get accustomed to the changes you’ll definitely escape away from the bad body odor.

Lack of consumption of water

Water is an elixir that flushes away the toxins from your body and makes your system squeaky clean from inside. If you spend a lot of portion using deodorants and talcum powders to get rid of the off-putting smell then the actual concern might lie in your drinking habit. If you’re not into the habit of drinking sufficient water per day your body won’t be able to eliminate toxins leading to chances of body odor.



Few people have the tendency to sweat excessively creating foul smell all around them. If you’re sweating more than the general people then you might be suffering from hyperhidrosis. This condition is most common among teenagers and kids and gets triggered by excessive consumption of carbonated drinks. It might lead to sweating all over the body or just a specific part of the body such as underarms. In both the cases of this medical condition, it’s advisable to talk to your Doctor and get the best treatment.

These simple remedies will help eliminate the off-putting smell and leave you feeling fresh and healthy. But if you never had a persistent body odor problem before and it’s getting worse with time then it’s time to visit a Doctor. 

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