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We all want our families to stay healthy and for this we have to ensure that everyone follows a healthy lifestyle. For kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle, we have to set an example for them. This means taking the time out to exercise, taking care of your skin, hair and body, visiting the doctor for timely checkups and eating well-balanced nutritious meals. Now, children can be picky eaters so it is important that the little food that they do eat is healthy.

Here is a list of cereals that should be a part of your child’s daily diet:

1. Wheat

A staple in every Indian home, wheat is well-known to be the best source of carbohydrates which means it is a power packed cereal. It is also known to improve digestion. It acts as a good source of vitamins and minerals, necessary for mental development in growing children. It can also lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, help control obesity and prevent gallstones.

2. Maize/corn

A great source of vitamins, this power cereal is really good for a child’s growth. Corn shouldn’t be given as a baby’s first food but you can introduce it once they start teething. It has vitamins like thiamin, folate and even B complex vitamins. Folate helps reduce the risk of anemia later on. Being rich in folic acid, it is great for pregnancy health. It is great for the health of your skin and hair. In addition to all this, it helps reduce LDL cholesterol and the risk of cancer and diabetes.

3. Oats

Not only are they a good source of fiber and carbs, they are also super-filling which means that it can help you lose weight. A bowl of oats everyday can help reduce the risk of heart disease and help control the body’s cholesterol levels. It is highly nutritious as just half a bowl can cover a significant portion of your daily nutrient needs.

4. Soya

Soya is a protein-rich cereal that is beneficial for everyone in the family and is especially beneficial for women. It helps improve metabolism rate, aids weight gain, controls diabetes, improves bone health and heart health. It also helps prevent birth defects and cancer.

5. Chana

Chickpeas or chana are a favourite in every Indian household. They are low in fat and high in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals making it the go to food for those trying to lose weight. It is also a great source of iron making it particularly beneficial for women and growing children. For vegetarians, this acts as an alternative source of protein.

Including all of these cereals in your daily diet is a necessity for you and your family to stay healthy. But getting the right quantity of all these nutrition-rich cereals is not an easy task especially in our busy lives.


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