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When you’re diagnosed with complications during pregnancy it doesn’t mean that something scary is going to happen. It is just an indication that you need extra care to ensure that you and your baby are safe during pregnancy. Many things can put you at high risk such as preterm labour, slow growth of baby, preeclampsia, etc. You can even begin with a normal pregnancy and develop high-risk pregnancy conditions in the mid phase. If you want to know what makes a pregnancy high-risk then below are the possible reasons. 

Preterm Labor

When you’re carrying multiple fetuses or have certain vaginal infection preterm labour generally happens. Initially, you might notice bloody or watery vaginal discharge which might increase and transform into abdominal cramps. If you’re diagnosed with such condition you should drink lots of fluids to avoid uterine contraction and you should also remain under continuous monitoring of your gynaecologist. The earlier you detect the problem it becomes easy to evade the risk associated with it.

Gestational Diabetes

High blood sugar level can also put your baby at risk. When your pancreas is not able to produce enough insulin the pregnancy hormone increase the blood-sugar level. You can experience increased thirst, blurred vision and sometimes you might not have any symptoms at all. If you’re diagnosed with such condition then start taking high-fibre diet lower in sugar and exercise regularly. You can reduce your risk by following a healthy routine and stay active if you’re able to.


Preeclampsia includes high blood pressure and swelling and it can cause impaired kidney and liver function.The women carrying more than one fetus are at highest risk of such complicated pregnancies. With proper management, you can reduce its risks and have healthy babies. You can further decrease the likelihood by taking vitamin E and C rich food and maintaining a healthy weight.

Placenta Previa

This condition is very rare in the pregnant women and only 1% women experience it during pregnancy. This condition is particularly dangerous because the placenta completely blocks your cervix causing the mother to haemorrhage. Initially, you might experience bleeding during the second or third trimester followed by recurrent bouts of bleeding in the later phase.A cesarean section might be done if the placenta doesn’t move away from the cervix on its own close to delivery.

Multiple Births

The women carrying multiple babies are also at risk of complication during pregnancy. It can increase the risk of premature labour and thus you’ll need extra monitoring all through the pregnancy phase. Many pregnancy hormones can be higher and you can also experience breathlessness as your expanding womb puts extra pressure on the lungs.

Now that you have the complete know-how of these high-risk pregnancies don’t frown your eyebrows when you experience the same condition. It’s just a phase of pregnancy, regular care, and correct guidance can ease your trouble and make you and your baby super fit and fine.

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