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5 Brilliant Ideas To Spend More Quality Time With Your Family

If you have ever tapped powder on your face and left the house without blending, congratulations on having kids. Finding time is the toughest job in today’s world. Even though we wish to spend time together our schedule messes up our family time. You need to be creative in planning your schedule so that you can spend ample time with your family even when you’re a busy bee. Few brilliant ideas to bring your family together without the need for an extra time slot to cut off your duties.

A family that dines together stays together

Dinner is the perfect time to bring the family together. It is a part of the day when everyone gathers around the dinner table and reconnects with each other. The discussion between bites, exchange of views while enjoying the deserts and the giggles over the kid's naughty tales adds joy and helps you create memorable conversation. Sharing dinner together helps ease day- to- day conflicts, as well as helps in establishing lifetime memories. Let’s pull up a chair at the dinner table and celebrate being a family.

Stories to Dreamland

Bedtime stories are another great way to connect with your kids. Snuggling up with your kids in the bed and reading a story to them can help in building lifetime memories. When the kids cheer for the good guys and boo the bad ones in the books you read, it brings a smile on your face. Bedtime reading helps in fostering a close, emotionally rich relationship with your kids and they start seeing the world through your words. So connect, snuggle and read new stories together.

Involve everyone

You would have heard this earlier “sharing makes work much easier”. Then why not imply it to your daily chores. You can assign every member a job to help with dinner preparation or clean the house, grocery shopping which will reduce your workload and you’ll enjoy even while working together. Kids can wash the fruits, veggies and can keep the leftover food in the freezer. Even your husband can help you prepare food during the weekend which will foster a healthy relationship and you’ll save time to have the perfect meal. Family contribution can play a big role in easing your work thereby helping you spend more quality time together.

Planning In Advance

A perfect way to save time throughout the week can be by organizing your schedule in advance. You can have a small calendar on your shelf and plan out in advance everything that needs to be done. This will help in converting the insanely hectic day into a less busy one by chucking out the extra work from the list. You can easily invest this time to spend with your family. Try to give it a shot and you will surely bring your family together.

Evening walk

Another pleasant way to rekindle your family time is by walking with the setting sun in a lush green park or the lonely roadside. An evening walk is a great way to promote the sense of calmness that can lead to strengthening the family bond and strike lovely conversations among the family members. Your pet gets a good walk, your kid gets to hone his tricycle skill and you and your husband hold hands together breathing the fresh air refreshing every bit of your soul, there’s something for everyone.

These are few magical ideas that can lay the foundation for a happy home. You can always find more time for your family by being more creative and giving importance to family time as much as other chores. Remember, family time is not a choice but it’s a priority.


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