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You may think that you have read all the books you need to read about pregnancy when you were pregnant. But have you read all the books you need to read to survive the task of being a new mom? Well, think again. Pregnancy is different from parenting. You, as well as the baby, go through a lot many changes post delivery and you can use a little help from experts.

Being a new mom, you require help now more than ever. While your family and friends are there to help you whenever you require, there is only so much that they can do. Taking advice from mothers who have already been through something similar can be extremely helpful.

Here are 5 books you MUST read as a new mom:

1. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (Marc Weissbluth, MD)

Do not let the size of this technical-looking book scare you. You only need to read some parts of the book as per the age of your child, since it has various sections which don’t need reading in one go. Try to figure out what age and sleep issue you are currently dealing with and look for those answers in the book. You won’t be disappointed. The author focuses on resolving the issue by eliminating its root cause such that the entire family benefits from the results.

2. Sh*tty mom: The parenting guide for the rest of us (Laurie Kilmartin, Karen Moline, Alicia Y and Mary Ann)

This book will not fail to make you laugh, especially when you think you are about to cry. This book has been written by four Emmy award-winning writers, comediennes and journalists who have personally been through the bizarre experience of parenting. These are a few chapters from the book which you can look forward to – “Someone Stole Your Baby Name: Ballad of the First Aidan Mom,” “How to Leave Your Baby in the Car While You Dash into 7-Eleven,” and “Oh, You Just Had an Epic Meltdown.”

3. Goodnight Moon (Margaret Brown and Clement Hurd)

This classic book from the late 20th century has retained its charm through the years and still proudly proclaims its spot on the bestseller list. Soothing, with its gentle cadence and simple concepts, the book is in the form of a lullaby. This book mainly focuses on your child’s cognitive development. As they grow older, they will point out familiar objects in the house which they previously saw in the book.

4. The I LOVE YOU Book (Todd Parr)

This bright and adorable book contains wonderful messages about the unconditional love of parents. The book is in board form, which makes it practically indestructible. This book is especially good for you when you feel like you are not doing a great job at parenting. It will uplift you and remind you that you are doing your best.

5. Mom & Me & Mom (Maya Angelou)

The author’s name itself should be enough for you to want to pick up this book and read it in a single breath. In her emotional autobiography, Angelou delves into her relationship with her mother and how they rebuilt it over the years. Written with equal parts of courage and eloquence, this book will surely move you.

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