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5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Little One


A toddler’s birthday looks more important for the parents than the little one. Although the baby may not understand what the fuss is all about, there is still a lot to celebrate. The best part of the celebration being the gifts that the baby gets.

Gifts are what makes your little one truly happy. The best gifts are long-lasting, multifunctional and engaging. If you want to choose a gift as an investment and make an impact with it, choose something that the child will use for years and not days. Toys made from heavy-duty plastic or wood can last longer with an active toddler. Your baby may not use a gift the way it was meant to be used, but that is a good thing as it reinforces the idea of creativity and flexibility.

Toddlers, by method of simple observation, can learn how to crawl, sit up, pull up to stand and even walk. They can hold a fork, their grasp of the language is ever-increasing and they can give hugs as well as kisses. So, for your child, consider choosing gifts that enhance the development of vocabulary, language and fine motor skills. Read on to learn about the types of the toys that can help in boosting your baby’s skill set! 

1. Pushing and Pulling Toys.

When a baby learns to walk, he or she needs to build strength and coordination too. Pushing toys are an excellent choice for this situation. They are made attractive by adding built-in features like music, lights, moving pieces, etc. Find a push toy with a low center of gravity and a broad handle if the child has just learned to pull up to stand. You can also gift your baby a pulling toy when they learn to walk without holding anything. The pulling toys give the child confidence to walk forward while looking backward and improve their balance.

2. Filling and Spilling Toys.

A toddler may not look down if a toy falls on the floor to see where it went, but eventually he or she will seek the object that vanished. Fill-and-spill toys are the perfect gift choice to familiarize the toddlers with the concept of finding and losing things. As babies grow to become toddlers, they start to understand cause, effect and the permanence of objects.

3. Sorting and Stacking Toys.

Shape sorters like blocks and stacking toys help the babies to recognize shapes, match colours and manipulate small objects. Block games are one of the most long-lasting and open-ended toys. Any toy that a child uses one hand to manipulate and the other hand to stabilize is good, This builds core strength that is required for effective development of fine motor skills.

4. Rocking and Rolling Toys.

Rocking toys - may it be any style like a horse, motorcycle or monsters - help in building balance and core strength. The back and forth motion of the rocking toys provides the child with a soothing sensory input. Choose a rocker that is low to the ground as it reduces the chances of injury in case the child falls off of it.

5. Jamming and Grooving Toys.

Musical toys appeal greatly to toddlers. They have an affinity for anything that helps them to make noise. Exposing toddlers to music will benefit them. It stimulates social skills, language development and gross-motor development. Musical instrument sets that offer a variety of sounds in one piece can be a great choice for gift. If you are going for an electronic music set, choose the one with volume control as toddler love to repeat the sound. 

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