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5 Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Babies

Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Kids

When it comes to babies, parents go the extra mile to ensure the best for their child. Skin or microbial infections are common among babies. While the market is laden with baby products that promise 100% cure and relief from the microbial infections, many parents prefer to go the natural way - keeping the safety of their baby in mind. There are a myriad of plants and herbs known for their therapeutic properties and uses. In this regard, the Tea Tree (Scientific Name: Melaleuca alternifolia) or Tea Tree Oil deserves a special mention.

Tea Tree Oil: Its uses and benefits for babies

Native mainly to the Southeast Queensland and New South Wales (Australia), the Tea Tree and Tea Tree Oil is known for its antiseptic, antiviral, balsamic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to name a few. These properties make the Tea Tree Oil an ideal solution against a plethora of health problems including: infections, rashes (especially diaper rashes), cuts and burns. What is more, the Tea Tree Oil seldom triggers any side effects and is safe for babies.

1. Keeps viral and microbial infections at bay: As already mentioned, the Tea Tree Oil comes with the antimicrobial properties. Thus, it plays a pivotal role in shielding the baby from the microbial infections and fever. In fact, there are many instances where the Tree Tea Oil has come as a savior - providing immense relief from ear infections and earache. You can rub the base of your child's ear with some (not more than a drop or two) Tea Tree oil once in every two hours for desirable results.

2. Say Goodbye to Dandruff: If your child has been suffering from dandruff problems like itchy scalp or scalp infections, the Tea Tree Oil is what you need. However, do not use the oil directly on the scalp. Instead, you can add 4-5 drops of the oil to any other hair oil (such as almond oil or coconut oil) that you use for your baby. Use this oil to massage your baby's hair, scalp and dandruff related problems will be a thing of the past.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Babies

3. Forget diaper rash: The regular use of diapers can spell doom for the soft and tender baby skin resulting in rashes. The diaper rashes, needless to say, can be quite uncomfortable for the baby leaving them fussy and irritated. With its antibacterial properties, the Tea Tree Oil goes a long way to deal with diaper rash through elan. To treat diaper rash, take coconut oil (~ 2-3 tablespoons) in a bowl. To this, add a few drops (~3-4 drops) of the Tea Tree Oil. Mix well and gently apply the same to the area affected by the rash. Apply the concoction every time you change the diaper for better results.

4. Expectorant: Chest congestion, cold or a cough can make life miserable - especially for the tiny tots. Here too, the Tea Tree Oil is known for its saving expectorant properties. Just take a few drops of this therapeutic oil and rub it on your little munchkin's chest for immediate relief.

5. Immune booster: The Tea Tree Oil plays a catalytic role in strengthening the immune system of the baby by enhancing the overall blood circulation and secretion of hormones in the body.

In spite of the myriad of benefits, the application of the Tea Tree Oil can sometimes trigger unwanted side-effects (such as hormonal changes) in your child. Thus, it is BEST to consult your doctor before using the oil.

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