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5 Benefits Of Sharing Parenting Duties With Your Spouse

Gone are the days when women were thought to be the ones to do all the household works. The duties and responsibilities of today’s super-moms aren’t confined between the four walls. She wakes up early morning to prepare breakfast for every member of the family, cleans the house, sends her kids to school with packed lunch boxes, goes to the office and works tirelessly whole day, comes back home and prepares everyone’s favourite dishes for the dinner.

But among all of these, she often forgets to care for herself. Her health deteriorates due to lack of improper nutrition, she loses her energy and strength, she remains frustrated and angry due to excess stress which hampers her relationship with the rest of the family as time passes. To avoid such circumstances, it is important for a busy mom like you to share the load of parenting duties with your spouse. He is your parenting partner, isn’t he? Here are 5 benefits of sharing parenting duties with your hubby:

1. Less stressful daily routine:

So many tasks on the to-do list of the day and only 24 hrs to complete them? Why don’t you ask your hubby to help you out? Maybe when you prepare breakfast and do the regular cleaning ritual, your man can bathe your kids and help them get ready for school. Maybe he can help you in the kitchen by cutting the vegetables or give you a break by cooking dinner for 2-3 days in the week.

2. More personal time:

Sharing your daily duties with your spouse will loosen up your tight schedule and you will have an hour or two for your “me-time”. Everybody needs a little “me-time” to do what they truly love, be it reading a book, watching a movie, driving, playing or swimming etc. While you can spend your “me-time” recharging yourself after the long day’s routine works, your man can spend some bonding time your kids while he helps them with their homework or plays a little “peek-a-boo” session.

3. Balanced life:

A balanced life requires hours of sleep at night and rest-hours spaced equally between the mundane tasks of the day. Sharing your parenting duties with your spouse will help you maintain balance in your life and not getting overpowered by the stressful daily routine. Striking a work-family balance is hard but with a little help from your other half, it can be achieved quite easily.

4. More quality couple time:

Maintaining a healthy married life becomes challenging after the baby arrives as the duties and responsibilities get doubled and the time spent with each other gets reduced. Following the traditional way of parenting where the mother is considered as the ideal carer, all the parenting duties fall upon the mother’s shoulder, leaving her no time for her or anyone else in the family. Shared parenting helps you take off half of the load, allowing you to spend some quality time with your life-partner.

5. Cooperation and gender equality

Be the perfect example of cooperation and gender equality for your kids by sharing the parenting duties equally among you and your hubby. Children learn from what see and what happens around them. By growing up in an environment of shared responsibilities which not gender-biased, they develop empathy and learn to treat the other gender equally.

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