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5 Benefits of Morning Sex You Did Not Know

Waking up in the morning every day while knowing it’s going to be a hard day can be tough for a lot of people. Often, we are tempted to spend just 5 more minutes in the bed and get just a little bit more of sleep. Well, research has found out that taking those extra few minutes in the bed can actually have a lot of benefits. But, it’s not for sleeping that you are going to use these extra life-saving minutes. Instead, you should use them for having a quick round of sex with your significant other. And to tell you why we have a list of 5 reasons.

1. It actually makes you look younger

The estrogen released by your body during intercourse is believed to help you look younger and beautiful. Basically, it helps reduce skin dryness and acne, keeps your skin hydrated and reduces the appearance of wrinkles thereby giving you that younger looking skin. Moreover, sex improves blood circulation and a healthy blood circulation can keep your face bright and glowing. So, if you want to have that glowing and younger looking skin, it’s time you start having some early morning in-bed exercise.

2. Gives you greater chance of getting pregnant

Research has found out that having sex right after waking up could increase the chances of fertilization, as testosterone levels are highest in the morning. Thus, if you have been planning on getting pregnant then the best time to have intercourse with your partner would be in the morning. Also, having sex frequently reduces the chances of sperm damage.    

3. Helps reduce anxiety

Orgasms release endorphins, a hormone that is responsible for overall feelings of happiness and positivity in people. They are also believed to fight stress, enhance mood, and relieve pain. Your brain considers sex as a reward and thus reduces anxiety hormones that may be released early morning. So, by having sex in the morning, you will actually increase your chances of feeling energetic and happy throughout the day.

4. Reduces menstrual cramps

Several experts actually believe that sex might reduce the intensity of menstrual cramps. If you’re menstruating, having sex in the morning is a good idea. It might reduce the period pain and keep you ready for the days to come. Moreover, having sex when you’re on your period feels great, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a try at least once.

5. It actually counts as exercise

Studies consider sex a significant form of exercise. Sex, on an average, is more strenuous than even the treadmill and therefore, effectively burns a large number of calories. So, if you are a gym lover and just have to go to the gym every day then maybe you can exchange your workout with intercourse. It is sure to burn out a tonne of those calories.

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