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5 Benefits Of Going Offline For A Week

We live in a world where every person you meet has their own technological addiction. It is quite rare to find those who don’t use the internet on a regular basis. The reasons for using it may vary between people. We mostly use our phones to stay updated about the latest news and trends. We also use it to check emails, messages and to look up some information.

Of course, technology is wonderful and we definitely need it in our lives. It helps us stay connected with our loved ones and we use it at work too. But as it goes with everything good, staying connected all the time does have some drawbacks. This is why it is a good idea to try a a technological detox once in a while.

Here are some things that could happen if you were to ever try giving up technology for an entire week:

1. You will rediscover yourself

Now that you are not spending all your time in the online world, you have plenty of time to just reconnect with yourself. There is no keeping up with what everyone is talking about. It is now just you and your thoughts. The feeling of being alone with one’s thoughts is indeed liberating.

2. You will learn to live in the moment

When you are not constantly checking the notifications on your phone while you are out spending time with someone, it actually enables you to spend quality time with them. When you are waiting for someone at a park, you would use your time to appreciate nature or read a book/newspaper instead of mindlessly scrolling through memes and funny videos.

3. You will sleep better

Checking your phone for unread messages, new posts and watching YouTube videos has become the mandatory way to end the night. Studies have shown that all that screen time right before going to bed results in poor sleep. You can now use that extra time to meditate and maybe write a few quick notes before going to bed.

4. You will get time for things that matter

Remember that book you had been meaning to read? Those movies/shows you had been meaning to watch? Now that you aren’t spending all of your time online, you can actually do all of those things that you have been putting off. You can even use that extra time and try to get back in shape.

5. You may discover a new hobby

After giving up being in the online world, you will find that you actually have a few extra hours in your day. You can spend that time doing something you love – or discovering a new hobby. Try your hand at something you haven’t tried before – painting, pottery, stitching, musical instruments, etc. You may actually find that you are good at it.

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