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5 Back To School GIFTS For Kids

Hi everyone!

Have you ever imagined "How will your kids feel when they will head back to school after holidays?" Have you??

Do you remember how do you used to feel when you headed back to school after the summer break or still feel when you go back to the office after a fun holiday?

When your kids head back, you will be shouting with joy but chances are that they will feel little upset. So, let's think of something which will ease their transition from holidays to school with these back to school outfits or back to school supplies.

No, no don't worry you don't have to break a bank for these back to school ideas as gift them a small token which will let your kids know that you are proud of them and will help them to get back to their routine a little easier.

And there is no doubt that you will make your kiddos feel really special with these back to school supplies.

1) Personalized back to school stationery supplies: 

Going to school can be a tough work. Ease that transition by giving your child a gift that is just for him/her. Pamper them with personalized back to school supplies by making adorable labels for everything they carry to school. You can pour in all your creativity into them. For example, use the stickers of the cartoon characters your little one is fond of on all their books and notebooks to make them look peppy and fun, use their favourite colours and shades to add that belongingness in them. Prepare a back to school supplies list before you actually start so, that it's easier to plan and execute this fun DIY project.

2) Personalised back to school backpack: 

Kids feel really special when everybody knows that they are getting cuddled and loved. So, design a personalised bag for their school which will put a big smile on their faces while flaunting it around. This can be another back to school supply which will make their transition really smooth. Just make or buy some cute and engaging badges like "Hi, how are you?" which can act as an icebreaker or one with her/his name and place them randomly on the bag. You can also add some adorable charms or key chains to the zipper ends. Trust me this kind of back to school supplies will give them that confidence to face the world.

3) Personalized back to school clothing and accessories: 

This back to school outfit and accessory is my favourite way to make their transition happy and happening!! Most of the schools have uniform these days even in very early standards like LKG so, ideally we cannot play much with their back to school clothing but think about an accessory like a cap or a hair band which has their name over it, which they can wear during recess or at the time when they are heading back home so, that school shouldn't take an offense. Even a cool T-shirt with their name looks very impressive, which they can wear on their play dates In case of small kids even an embroidered handkerchief with their initials pinned over their shirt will add that personalized wow touch. All these back to school clothing adds that feeling of belongingness for their things along with a feeling of pride in them.

4) Personalized back to school recess supplies: 

Lunch break is the time when kids are most interactive and welcoming. A back to school supply like a personalized tiffin box and a water bottle will get them noticed and oh so super happy. Such back to school recess supplies can actually help them to initiate a conversation with other kids and I give you my personal surety that they will finish their lunch and will be excited for the next one as well. Pair up their water bottle the same way and it will sync well with their other back to school supplies. Liked it does it today!!

5) A lovable yet useful back to school toy or a book: 

It may sound very monotonous or boring but you may certainly gift them a back to school toy or a book which they might be spotting earlier in toy/bookstores. I will encourage every parent to let their kids choose their back to school toy or a book as it gives them that independence which we all eventually want for them. They can share this toy or book with other kids when they go to school which will, in turn, help them to understand group or teamwork. This will be a cheerful way to go back school with a new thing in mind!!

These efforts and love which you will pour in these back to school supplies and back to school clothing will make your kids delighted and be beaming that cheerful joy to everyone!! Hope you liked this article if you do please visit for more fun and fashion

Buh-bye... take care!

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