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5 Baby Milestones You Must Watch Out For

Milestones are really momentous. It’s a thrill for parents to watch your baby hit a major milestone. Whether it’s his first smile, the day he takes his first steps or the moment he tries to spoon feed you- these moments are the magic moments that rarely happen. We all eagerly wait for these small landmark moments that are filled with excitement and lots of fun. The big changes happening in your baby’s life provide a fascinating peek into their growth and development. Here are few moments you must watch out for to help you keep track of your baby’s growth.

First Laughing Attack

There are few moments that get ingrained in your memory for life! Your baby’s laughter is one such moment that can spark you for your whole life. Whether he is watching you do a jiggle dance while putting on a pair of skinny jeans or the cat running behind the rat any such hilarious moment can spark your baby with a dose of laughter. Your baby gets a laugh attack and he rolls on the floor. This laughter is totally gorgeous and remains engraved in your heart forever.

Sweet Smile

Babies are the bundle of joy and they add spark to every moment of your life. They are tiny charmers and the first smile on their face is totally priceless. Those little smirks can add joy to your mundane life and give you new energy to work with double pace. A smile is their first social skill totally infectious spreading smiles across every corner.

First Hug

The moment your tiny tot gives you a hug you feel like your heart is expanding with joy. You can’t control your emotions and want to treasure it forever. When your baby cuddles you out of love all the pain and sadness is erased from your life. Whether you sing his favourite song, make his favourite food or make him giggle a hug is one blissful embrace that can wipe away the pain of whining and sleepless nights.

Recognizing Sights and Sounds

Babies often get afraid of sudden loud noises. Whether it’s the sound of an alarm clock or mobile phone babies often start crying after hearing such loud noise. They even start responding to the sounds and whenever they hear a noise they start looking with curiosity in that direction. They also try to look for their favourite toys once it’s not in front of them. They learn to take in all of the unpleasant and pleasant sounds of this world and gaze at everything that grabs their attention.

Blows Kisses

When your baby balances himself on his shaking legs and makes a “mwah” sound putting his chubby little hand up to his mouth it’s like the seventh wonder right in front of you. There is nothing sweeter than when your baby tries to express his love by blowing a kiss with his tiny hands towards you. He might not be completely successful for the first time but his effort itself can splatter smile on your face. A million dollar smile for not so perfect kiss!

These little moments can add leaps and bounds of happiness in your life. Every time your baby achieves a milestone you feel your munchkin is on the right track. It might be hard to pick your favourite one from the above but all of these moments can give you the perfect glimpse of ecstasy.

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