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5 Amusing Things Only Bihari Moms Do

From being extremely polite, to being obsessed about jewellery, Bihari moms are one of the most lovable and fun people to talk to.

Bihari moms are polite (even when they are angry)

As the language is loaded with tehzeeb (etiquette), the Bihari mum will be polite even when she is scolding you. For example, ‘Hum keh rahe hai, tum ab chup ho jao, varna humse maar khaoge.’ It’s impossible to not listen to someone who so politely asks you to shut up.

Achaar craze

A Bihari mum will never let her house run out of achaar (pickle). Bihari moms love their homemade dishes, like kacche aam ka achaars, spices, chutneys and varied meat dishes, as much as she loves serving them.

The jewellery collection

All moms love collecting jewellery, but in a bihari mom’s jewel box you can find some exquisite pieces of traditional jewellery like panchlari, sattari, sikri, tilri, chhara, hansuli and kamarbandh. Each of these precious ornaments are stylish with unique and complex structures.

Obsession with sarees

They love their sarees and in a typical Bihari mom’s wardrobe you will find sarees of different colours and textures, categorised according to the occasions they will be worn for. Sarees still remain the forefront of the unique and individualistic Bihari dressing style. The sarees with extra bling are especially for the events like marriages, while others like a tussar silk saree are for casual family functions.

Bihari delicacies

Bihari moms make some delightful dishes that are popular among people across India. If your mum is Bihari or you have a bihari friend, they would’ve definitely introduced you the delicacies like sattu ka laddu, litti chokha , dal-puri, gujjiyas, khaja, khurma and thekua. Also, the festival of colour, Holi, calls for a glass of bhang along with malpuas and dahi vadas, which are simply out of the world.

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