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5 Amazing Traits Your Baby Inherits From The Father

Babies are truly wonderful and you might think to yourself, how in the world did you create such a beautiful human! When your baby is born, you must have come across many instances where people say that the baby looks like the mother or “Ohh she’s got her father’s nose!”. Well, science has it- the genes obtained from the father are more dominant than those obtained from the mother. In fact, these traits refine over time and by the time the baby becomes an adult, these traits and qualities also become evident. Here are a few amazing traits that your baby will inherit from the father:

1.Shape of the lips

If the father has broad and fuller lips than the mother, chances are- the baby’s lips will be just like the father’s. This happens because the shape and the fullerenes are the dominant traits which are passed down from the father.

2.Those dimples

Every woman wishes to have those dimples which are the highlight of the face when she smiles. Unfortunately, not everybody is lucky to have them! But your baby might be an exception. Dimples can be one-sided or on both the sides depending on the face structure and the combination of the bones and muscles in the face. So, if the baby’s daddy has dimples, the baby will be extremely lucky too!

3.My child eats like his dad

Boys especially are influenced by their father’s actions and they imitate them down the line. One of the most common imitation is their eating habit! Recent studies concluded that children are more inclined to food items which appeal to the father. So, if he likes eating Chinese food, your child will have the hautes for it too!

This could act as a wakeup call for dads if they’ve been consuming a lot of junk and unhealthy food.Of course, every father wants his child to be healthy and fine. So, he might actually switch to healthy food for the sake of his child.

4.Athletic and sporty

A father is always associated with the different kinds of sports activities. In fact, he’s the one who teaches the child how to ride a bicycle!

When it comes to playing outdoor games, dads are fondly looked upon. They are responsible for looking after the child’s physical health and that is because he is considered as the most athletic one in the family. They are the ones who influence the child’s sportsmanship and cultivating the right spirit for competition.

5.Respect for others

Boys begin the imitation games at a very young age. They want to do everything that their father does just to be like them in the future. This motivates the father to be a good man that he is so that he can become his child’s role model! 

Always remember, children, are the mirror of parents. So, whatever you do, do it wisely. Let your child have your good influence so that they can be successful human beings. It is nice to see how little ones mimic their fathers only to become like them. We hope that your child grows up to be as wonderful and successful as you both!   

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