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5 Amazing Habits Babies Learn From Mommy

Children are the mirror of their parents. Whatever your child does, is basically an imitation of you. You must have seen your baby girl looking at you with those round big eyes filled with adoration when you’re doing your make up! Soon you’ll find her taking your lipstick and trying to apply it just the way you do.   

Oh! Isn’t it really cute to watch her doing all those things you do. You can also say that “it is all in the genes”. Through imitation games and few inbuilt qualities, your child grows up to be a fantastic version of you.

Mommies especially have a major impact on their babies as they spend most of the time with them. Don’t you feel excited and overwhelmed when somebody says “oh your baby is just like you!” Be it the physical features or personalities, your child will grow up to be a finer version of the mother! 

It’s amazing how babies see their mommies and aspire to become like them. Here are a bunch of habits that babies learn from their mommies:

1.Bath Sessions

Bath is very important as it takes care of all the hygiene needs of kids. When it comes to babies, they should be bathed thrice a week. But school going kids need to bathe every day to get rid of the sweat and dirt. Good habits begin at home, so if you don’t step out of the house without bathing, your child will learn the same thing. They will begin to be neat and tidy all the time.

2. The time you get up

If you notice, your baby always woke up at the time you did. Just like their mommy, babies wake up early. They just know that their mommy is awake. Your baby’s days in the womb determine the their sleeping hours but they alter with a change in the external factors. But if you’re co-sleeping with your little one, it is very likely that the two of you will have similar waking hours.

3. Your communication skills

You need to be super careful about what you say in front of your baby. Yes, even if it is as simple as a telephonic conversation. Your child can hear you and will mimic the things you say. Who knows what he might catch on easily and it might not be very pleasing!

4. Table manners

Your baby is pretty smart and he knows it too. So what if he is just sitting in the baby chair! He is watching you constantly. When he begins to eat food on his own, he will imitate the ways in which you eat. So, make your child’s plates as appealing as yours!

5. Morals and Values

From the tiniest things like the way you speak to your maid to praying before every meal to being grateful to somebody, everything counts. These things are easily inherited by kids and they inculcate it in their behavior. If you’ve been good, they’re going to be good too!  

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