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5 AMAZING Facts about Baby Kicking During Pregnancy

Babies are the essence of life and pregnancy is the most wonderful and beautiful process there is. During pregnancy, a lot of different things happen inside and outside the mother’s body. Thus the mother gets to experience a lot of wondrous and sometimes harsh things during pregnancy and one of these not so harsh but very wondrous things is baby kicking. So, in order to help you understand the reasons behind the kicks you feel in your stomach, we have made a list of some facts associated with it. 

1. Kicks indicate baby’s response to their environment

You will be able to feel your baby's movements when you make any physical movement yourself. He/she may move or stretch inside the belly as a response to noise to food that you may consume. So, your baby actually knows and reacts on what you do be it you moving around or be it you eating something. 

2. Increased kicks when lying on the left side

It has been medically found that when the mother lies down on her left side, she may actually experience an increased number of kicks. The reason behind this is that whenever the pressure is put on the left side, the blood flow to the fetus increases which in turn increases the child’s movements. So, do not get scared or worried if you experience more kicks when you are lying down to your left.

3. Kicks often tell about the child’s behaviour after birth

Research has actually found out that the frequency of the baby’s kicks is directly related to the child’s brain development. Also, babies who are extremely active during the pregnancy indicate that you will have to run off your feet during their early growing years. So, the more your little one kicks, the more you will have to run around them for everything and the more active they will be.

4. Kicks can start almost immediately as you hit 9 weeks

While you may experience the kicks anytime between 16 weeks and 25 weeks, know that the normal time is after nine weeks only. So, if you start feeling a little something moving inside you even before 16 weeks, there is no need to worry. Also, the intensity of the kicks will also increase as the time passes. After around 24 weeks, you will start feeling these kicks more frequently and with higher intensity.

5. Reduced number of kicks after week 36 is fine

Towards the end of the pregnancy, the baby is fully developed and is ready to come out of the mother’s womb. Thus, the baby movements decrease a bit. There is a reason for concern only if you cannot feel any baby movement for hours. If something like that happens then you should immediately contact your doctor.

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