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5 Adorable Ways To Give Him The Good News

Finding out you’re pregnant is an experience like no other. From surprise to elation, you experience all the emotions and you enjoy every moment of finding out that you’re going to be a mother soon.

What’s also priceless is seeing the look of joy and excitement on your spouse’s face when you give him your good news. Taking that first pregnancy test, both of you experience butterflies in your stomach. So while trying to confirm you good news, trust the No. 1 pregnancy test, Prega News by Mankind Pharma, and try something special to make your announcement to the hubby truly memorable.

Here are some cute ideas that you can use while you tell your better half that he’s going to be a father!

1. Buy Him A Gift

Just like you like to receive gifts, your husband also enjoys pleasant surprises every once in a while. Buy him something that will give him the message. It can a tee shirt or mug that reads “World’s BEST Dad.” If he enjoys reading, buy him a book that’s about being a good dad. Either way, you’ll be giving him two gifts in the form of one, and he’ll love it!

2. Recreate Your First Date

Go to a favourite spot or the place where you had your first date. Here, instead of a typical date, you could tell him that you have something for him, and hand him a gift box with your positive pregnancy test in it. It’ll make your favourite place all the more special, and you’ll cherish the pregnancy announcement experience for a lifetime.

3. A Baby to Daddy Greeting Card

Give him a greeting card that’s written from the baby’s point of view. It can be as simple as “Hi, Daddy, I’m on my way” to a long letter from your baby’s point of view, about why they love their daddy. If you’ve already had an ultrasound session, you can attach it with the card with a note that says, “This is how I look, dad!” It will be an adorable and emotional moment for a dad, as he begins to imagine himself in parenting roles.

4. Write Him A Letter

Letters are romantic. Go old-school and write your husband a love letter. Add your Prega News home pregnancy test in the envelope. So when he goes to check the mailbox, and walks in with your letter, you can be around to see his reaction! If you want to change it up a little, you can mail the letter to him at his workplace, so he receives a pleasant surprise in the middle of his long work day. He’ll definitely call you up immediately.

5. Piggy Bank

Considering that you’re going to now start saving up for your little one, it’s a good idea to do something as simple as buy a child’s piggy bank and give it to him. You can either attach a note or simply say that it’s time to start filling this up. You can also go for a baby-centred approach, and have the note say, “Start saving up for my future, Dad!” The gift will be a pleasant surprise as well as a reminder.

There are, of course, many other ways that you can give your loved one the good news. For home pregnancy tests, like the ones you may mail or gift him, make sure that you choose an accurate and dependable test, like Prega News by Mankind Pharma, which is a leading brand, a one-step urine HCG test. Get your good news from a good source, and get creative with passing on the good news. Your husband will remember your amazing announcement for a lifetime!

So how did you give your husband the great news? What was his reaction?

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